Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Image Comics makes its first full debut at this years' New York Comic Con!

This upcoming weekend, Image Comics makes its first full debut at New York Comic Con, celebrating with an announcement packed panel and guests galore!

"For whatever reason New York has been a tough city to hold a convention, but the folks behind the New York Comic Con have pulled it off better than anyone could imagine," said Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen. "I've really enjoyed every year I've attended and thought it was long past time Image Comics had a complete set up, including one of our now famous Image Comics Shows!"

In addition to signings with creators such as AMORY WARS/Coheed Cambria's Claudio Sanchez, SPECIAL FORCES' Kyler Baker, DYNAMO 5's Jay Faerber,� BILLY DOGMA's Dean Haspiel, SUBURBAN GLAMOUR's Jamie McKelvie, Shadowline President Jim Valentino and Image Comics Publisher & SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen fans will also be able to purchase a selection of Image's library, which includes what may be the very last opportunity to ever buy an original, first printing WALKING DEAD VOL. 1 DELUXE HC.

Furthermore, this years' Image Comics Show (Saturday at 2-3 PM,� ROOM: 1E16) features three generations of Image creators discussing the rise of creator owned comics and what it means for the future of the industry. Panelists include Image founders, Erik Larsen & Jim Valentino, DYNAMO 5's Jay Faerber and newer names such as AMORY WARS' Claudio Sanchez & HAZED's Mark Sable. It wouldn't be an Image Comics Show without a number of announcements, including the biggest change on SPAWN since Todd McFarlane left the title.

The New York Comic Con will take place Friday, March 18th to Sunday March 20th. Image Comics can be found at booth 1407

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Skrulls Infiltrate Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four Variant

Secret Invasion has begun and the Skrulls have landed the first blow in their war on Earth! In the first issue of Secret Invasion, a Skrull Invisible Woman had the Baxter Building sucked into the Negative Zone and Mr. Fantastic was incapacitated in the most brutal of manners. In the 3-issue tie-in mini-series Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four, it’ll be up to the Thing and Human Torch to get the building and its inhabitants back home, including the young Franklin and Val. But are any of the heroes who they say they are?

Written by Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa (Marvel Knights 4, Sensational Spider-Man) with art by Barry Kitson (The Order), Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 will have a very Skrully-looking variant cover by Mike McKone, seen here for the first time. Plus, this series promises the return of a very familiar Skrull from the FF’s past who’s looking to exact revenge on the First Family of Comics.

The Fantastic Four are the Skrulls’ most hated enemies on Earth so don’t miss Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four for a very important battle in the war for Earth, as Secret Invasion kicks into high gear!

Penciled by BARRY KITSON
Variant Cover by MIKE MCKONE
Rated A …$2.99
FOC – 4/24, On-Sale – 5/14/2008


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DST New York Comic Con Preview!

The third annual New York Comic Con opens later today and we’re excited to bring you and up close look at this year’s show, special events and some of the new products on display throughout this weekend’s must-see convention!

Friday 04/18/08 @ 7:00 PM – 1E03
Join Diamond Select Toys’ Director Chuck Terceira, Project Manager Robert Yee and Chief Designer Uriel Caton for a glimpse of what’s to come for the number one block figure brand in the world. Ask your questions, make your requests and get a sneak peek at future Minimate designs!

Marvel Civil War Minimates Box Set
Stop by the Action Figure Xpress booth (#1544) and add this limited NYCC-only exclusive to your collection before it’s too late! Featuring Civil War versions of Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Nitro, this set is limited to just 2,000 pieces and is only available from Action Figure Xpress!

Transformers Thundercracker Bust
Also available from Action Figure Xpress, don’t miss the limited Transformers Thundercracker bust featuring one of the Decepticons most dangerous warriors. Limited to only 400 pieces, you can pick up this exclusive at booth #1544!

New Iron Man Minimates from next month’s blockbuster will be on display, including a look underneath the high-tech armor!

Stargate Atlantis fans will see the debut of our third series of action figures, including the never-before seen Ronon Dex and Wraith Drone figures!

The final figure in the third assortment of Battlestar Galactica action figures, our retro-era Cylon Centurion will revealed for the first time!

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Marvel's New York Comic-Con 2008

The third annual New York Comic-Con rolls into the Javits Center from April 18-20 and Marvel's all up in that sucka! From panels and signings to booth happenings, announcements and much more, this page is your spot for New York Comic-Con 2008 info and news!

First things first. There'll be plenty to see, do and get right at the Marvel booth!In addition to the plethora of creators and stars signing (schedule forthcoming!) right at the booth, you can take your photo right next to the life-sized (it's gigantic!) Hulk Statue, scope out Hasbro's latest and upcoming action figures, demo Sega's "Iron Man" and "Incredible Hulk" video games and grab a heaping helping of exclusives! Which exclusives?

Check 'em out:

This unprecedented, 32-page special provides readers with a sneak peak of the biggest upcoming Iron Man and Hulk series! A perfect introduction to the stars of this summer's biggest blockbuster films, this all-ages special takes a look at all the incredible and invincible books featuring Iron Man and the Hulk!

Take a sneak peek at the creative process behind one of this year's most anticipated new events, as legendary artist Alex Ross returns to the Marvel Universe with Jim Krueger and Steve Sadowski! This is your first look at new art from the series and exclusive commentary from the visionaries behind this can't miss epic.

Come by the Marvel booth to see how Comics + Internet + NYCC = a much richer life in the form of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Get the full Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited experience and sign up for a subscription to get a free exclusive spotlight variant edition of YOUNG X-MEN #1!

Skrull Masks
The Invasion has begun and the Skrulls have revealed themselves around the world! Are you a Skrull? Show everyone your true nature with these Skrull masks, available exclusively at the Marvel booth. Then be sure to report all Skrull spottings in your every day life by taking pictures and visiting www.marvel.com/secretinvasion to upload them for the world to see!

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DC Comics and Sierra Entertainment Ink Deal To Create an All-New Comic Book Series Based on PROTOTYPE™ – One of the Most Anticipated Video Games of 2008

DC Comics, the largest English language comic book publisher in the world, and Sierra Entertainment – a division of Vivendi Games, today announced plans to publish an all-new comic book series based on the eagerly anticipated and already highly acclaimed open-world/action video game PROTOTYPE™. The series is set to debut this August via DC’s WildStorm imprint, and the addition of such unique, original IP video games like PROTOTYPE is sure to increase their successful line of best-selling comics based on licensed properties. Further details surrounding the new comic book series will be announced later this year.

PROTOTYPE puts gamers in control of Alex Mercer – a genetically mutated shape-shifter with no memory of his past hell-bent on solving the mystery of his existence – as he tears through a densely populated New York City moving with Parkour-style fluidity and consuming anybody that gets in his way…assuming their physical identity, memories and abilities. Fueled by a three way war between Alex, the military and its elite Blackwatch division, and a viral outbreak known as the Infected, players will venture deep into a dark conspiracy 40 years in the making.

“PROTOTYPE is all about shape-shifting action, and we’re using that key element to redefine the open-world game space,” said Al Simone, Sr. VP of Global Marketing, Sierra Entertainment. “Another key feature setting PROTOTYPE apart from other open-world games is its incredibly deep, conspiracy-based back-story, and by joining forces with the largest comic book publisher in the world – DC Comics – we can bring this new anti-hero and his tale to an even wider audience of comics fans and gamers alike.”

“We’re blown away with what Sierra and developer Radical Entertainment have shown us of PROTOTYPE, and know with absolute certainty that this will make for a terrific comic book,” said Hank Kanalz, VP & General Manager, WildStorm. “PROTOTYPE’s back-story, visuals and gameplay are stunning, and we have every intention of bringing those core pillars to our book because this is a great opportunity to expand on the world they’ve created, and build something new and interesting for comics fans.”

PROTOTYPE delivers a fresh take on open-world games, with key features separating the game from the rest of the pack, including the anti-hero main character Alex Mercer and his deadly shape-shifting abilities, a stunning representation of New York City circa 2008 as the backdrop, and ‘Deceive or Destroy’ gameplay allowing players the choice to either blend in with the population or fully unleash Alex’s deadly powers. With Radical Entertainment behind the wheel using their innovative ‘Titanium’ game engine, and touting a catalog of successful titles including the highly acclaimed The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Simpsons Hit & Run and others, PROTOTYPE is aligned to be the ground-breaking open-world/action experience gamers have been waiting for.

PROTOTYPE is planned to release this fall for next-gen console systems and the PC, and is currently rated “RP” (Rating Pending) by the ESRB. For more information on PROTOTYPE, be sure to visit the official game website located at www.prototypegame.com. Read more...

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Unlocking the Deluxe World of Indiana Jones with 3 ¾” Deluxe Action Figures

You always knew he’d be back! The new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull swings back into theaters May 22, 2008! But starting May 1, you can collect all the action yourself. Celebrate the introduction of Indy and all of the iconic scenes from the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark with the deluxe Indiana Jones figures. Reenact the perils of retrieving the golden idol, fighting off the henchman of Cairo or chasing the German convoy on the back of a stolen horse. Realistic styling, articulation and beloved characters from the Raiders of the Lost Ark makes these Indiana Jones 3 ¾” Deluxe Action Figures an adventure in and of themselves!

Marion Ravenwood and Cairo Henchman
Betrayed by a duplicitous monkey, Marion finds danger on the busy streets of Cairo, where a German-paid villain threatens her with a knife. Never one to shrink from a fight, Marion outruns and outwits her attacker, knocking him cold before hiding herself in a nearby laundry basket.

German Soldiers
When Rene Belloq discovers Indy and Sallah digging into the Well of Souls, he leads a group of German soldiers to the site, eager to claim the excavated ark for himself. The soldiers hold Sallah and Indy’s crew at gunpoint while Belloq and Toht make off with the prize, leaving Indy and Marion trapped inside a pit of deadly snakes.

Indiana Jones with Ark
Disguised as local diggers, Indy and his loyal friend, Sallah, gain access to the excavation site of Belloq and the Germans. With Sallah’s help, Indy lowers himself by rope into the restricted map room. Inside, he uses the staff of Ra to discover the true location of the Well of Souls, a buried chamber that hides the Ark of the Covenant.

German Soldier with Motorcycle
Speeding full force on his army-issued motorcycle, this soldier chases down Indy and his father, Henry Jones, as they attempt to escape from a German intelligence base located just outside of Salzburg. Aided by his knowledge of the terrain, the soldier intercepts Indy at a German-border checkpoint. Indy then sends him careening from his bike, using an Austrian flagpole as his weapon.

Indiana Jones with Temple Trap
Racing against his chief nemsis, Rene Belloq, to discover a coveted artifact, Indiana Jones enters an ancient, Chachapoyan temple in the jungles of Peru. Inside, he solves a series of deadly riddles while advancing on his prize, ultimately triggering the stone temple’s collapse as he narrowly escapes with the golden idol.

Indiana Jones with Horse
Desperate to catch up with a German convoy smuggling the ark out of Egypt, Indiana Jones steals this horse from the Tanis excavation site. Taking a shortcut through the desert sand dunes, he spurs the horse into a fast gallop. He gains on the convoy until he is so close, he is able to leap from his saddle onto a cargo truck, taking the German soldiers by surprise.

Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall
Racing against his chief nemesis, Rene Belloq, to recover the golden idol, Indiana Jones enters an ancient, Chachapoyan temple in the dark jungles of Peru. Inside, he overcomes a series of deadly traps with little help from his treacherous guide, Satipo, who ultimately betrays Indy by the pitfall.

You can travel the streets of Cairo and the ancient ruins of past civilizations, but these are treasures of a different kind! Collect the Indiana Jones adventure and be sure to look for the entire line of Indiana Jones toys from Hasbro. Collect them all! Check back to MyIndyAdventure.com for more news updates for Indiana Jones. Stay tuned for more news and be wary of the snakes…why does it always have to be snakes!

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Sentimental Journey Collection Figure (Part. 2) – 5 ~ 6”

Organic Hobby, Inc in conjunction with CM’s Corporation proudly introduces its new products for the U.S. market, “Sentimental Journey Collection Figure (Part. 2).”

"Sentimental Journey Collection Figure (Part. 2)" are based on the Japanese Anime series "Sentimental Journey." "Sentimental Journey Collection Figure (Part. 2)" is a twelve piece assortment of 5-6" scale trading figures (includes secret items & duplicate). Each figure comes in a closed box along with a handy twelve piece counter display case.

"Sentimental Journey Collection Figure (Part. 2)" will be available in June with a SRP of $8.00.

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Marvel Digital Comics at New York Comicon

Hey kids! Love comics? No brainer? Got a computer? Of course you do! Gonna be at New York Comic Con? You better be! Come by the Marvel booth to see how Comics + Internet + NYCC = a much richer life in the form of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Get the full Digital Comics experience and sign up for a subscription to get a free exclusive variant edition of YOUNG X-MEN #1! After that, if you’re still hungry for MORE digital goodness (and you can find these rooms), check out these wild panels and events we’d like to see during NYCC! For more, go to: http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.3154

Friday 10:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. Sign up for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited- stop by all day at the Marvel booth, sign up for a subscription, get a free exclusive variant edition of YOUNG X-MEN #1. Marvel booth

Panels and Events We’d Sure Like to See

5 a.m. – Infinity: Digital Cup of Joe – Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada reads the entire, ever-growing catalog of Digital Comics and answers questions! Room 815

6 – 6:30 a.m. Care for You Digital Comics – Learn how to give your Digital Comics the white glove treatment. Is Mylar the best bag for your digital comics? How should you store those Marvel Digital Comic exclusives such as the recently released Secret Invasion Prologue, the upcoming Ghost Rider Saga and much, much more? Room 816

Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sign up for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited- stop by all day at the Marvel booth, sign up for a subscription, get a free exclusive variant edition of YOUNG X-MEN #1. Marvel booth

Panels and Events We’d Sure Like to See

4:30 – 4:45 a.m. Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu Digital Signing – The creators behind 2008’s mind-melting crossover Secret Invasion will be signing copies of Secret Invasion Prologue Digital Comic – bring your laptops and desk monitors! Marvel booth

5:00 – 6:00 a.m. Museum of Digital Comics and Digital Cartoon Art – Revel at the classics of Marvel Digital Comics including the first 100 issue of Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man as well as a plethora of other Golden and Silver Age classics. Room 442

Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sign up for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited- stop by all day at the Marvel booth, sign up for a subscription, get a free exclusive variant edition of YOUNG X-MEN #1. Marvel booth

Panels and Events We’d Sure Like to See
10:00 – 11:00 p.m. Lying in the Digital Gutter – Eager to hear what Marvel Digital Comics has in store next, but Marvel doesn’t want you to know? What is the next exclusive Digital Comic? What is the next fan-favorite creative team to tackle a digital comic? Will they ever digitize Darkhawk #1? Find out here. Room 424

11:30 – 11:45 p.m. MarvelKids.com: Digital Comics, Kids Love ‘em – Want to find an alternative to your kids sitting in front of a TV on Saturday morning? Find out about the latest in all-ages programming, all for free all the time, through Digital Comics: the best way to get your kids reading comics! (and if they want to watch something, there’s cool AdverVideos there, too).

To Find Marvel Digital Comics go to Marvel.com or Marvelkids.com


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Cinema Of Fear Deluxe Plush Series 2

Following the breakout success of COF Roto Plush Series 1, Mezco revisits these horror icon’s softer side;

  • Freddy Krueger as seen in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors sporting a dapper tuxedo.
  • Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2 features the “sack mask” look he experimented with before settling on his hockey mask, includes pick axe accessory.
  • Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 featuring the new mask worn in the second TCM movie, Leatherface also has a completely new outfit and his trusty oversized chainsaw accessory.
Each stands approximately 13 inches tall and is sure to thrill horror aficionados!

Mezco will have the prototypes on display at NY Comic Con from April 17-20th at booth 1041, actual product will appear in stores this Halloween!


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