Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ultimatum #4: Is Peter Parker Next?

ULTIMATUM #4 (of 5) (JAN092453)
Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & Cover by DAVID FINCH
Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
Sketch Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
RIP Variant Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—5/7/09, On-Sale—5/27/09


Read More Premieres “Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!” Episode 2

Marvel's brightest stars including Wolverine, Deadpool and the Blob arrive for the star-studded premiere of the Wolverine movie!

Somehow, M.O.D.O.K. found himself a press pass. Will the red carpet EVER be the same? This second episode of the original video production Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! features special guest star, UFC welterweight, Matt "The Terror" Serra!

Watch “Red Carpet M.O.D.O.K.” now at


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Watchmen Movie review by Heretic

It's been a while since the film came out, but I feel I need to write a review about Watchmen.

My expectations were high, unbelievably high, astronomically high, indescribly high! My favorite Graphic novel, favorite book, favorite story is finally a film! Being someone who appriciates the craft and art it takes to turn a novel into a film, this was by far one of the more exciting moments in my life as a movie buff. Over a year before the release of Watchmen, I was already jumping up and down like a little boy who just got his first ten speed bicycle for Christmas from Santa Clause. I couldn't get the film off my mind due to my excitment. I'll admit it, I was obsessed with this movie coming out!

Now, excited I was, but reservations I had. The most common question you'd hear from Watcmen fans would be, "How can you make a movie from a book as complicated and jam packed as Watchmen?" it's a valid question really, Watcmen is completely jam packed with with storyline that it is literally impossible to make a movie from the graphic novel and keep every detail of it's fantasically written story by the briliant Alan moore. And further more, how does one make a film from this Graphic novel and keep the all of the themes that Alan Moore intended for his story to have? Zach Synder, Director of Watchmen and the famous film 300, really put on himself one of the most difficult film making tasks that any director has ever atempted with the exception of Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings series. However, even with all of the reservations I had about the film, I was still more excited about it then I was with The Dark Knight. So with all of the questions of how compatible the book is on the big screen I decided to not worry about it and wait until I saw the film at least once before I decide if the film is good or not. (Like most people were doing.)

I sat with alot of my friends in the theatre opening night. We were wowed right from the start. The opening credits were amazing, in a nut shell it gives us a little history of the story that is to follow. The film moved on and opened up with an exceptionally faithful opener, Rorshach walking down the street at night reciting his very poetic entries from his journal. The as the film rolled on, I became more and more thrilled about how faithful the film was staying to the Graphic novel. It was as if they used the Graphic novel as their story boards while filming! Absolute perfection in accuracy! However, one thing did worry me...There was nothing in the film about the missing artist and the pirate comic! It stay pretty incredibly faitful, but without the story of the missing artist and the pirate comic, how in the world will the ending in the graphic novel make sense on film? Only one thing came to mind...The ending had to be changed. And as it got closer and closer to the finale, I still couldn't figure out how it was going to happen! But I knew an ending change was in the midst.

And finally, it came. And I was right, the ending was changed. And at first I was disapointed. The ending in the Graphic novel is so good. But after thinking about it (and seeing the film 3 more times) I came to the conclusion that the ending works quite well. Knowing how Dr. Manhatten thinks, and how everyone else in the story would think, it makes sense. The ending worked. For the Watchmen fan, it probably is a disapointing ending. I know it was for me at first. But for the audience member who hasn't read the graphic novel, it helps to bring the story to a good conclusion.

I think Synder did an excellent job at making Watchmen into a great theatrical success. My only true gripe with the film is that it pumped through the storyline at 100 miles per hour. So it just continually jumps from one scene to the next without giving the audience any real time to soke in the story. There truly is no room to breathe in this film. You'll feel like the movie ended, and you'll come out not sure what happen. It is quite an entertaining film. I would recommend it to any who enjoy sci/fi, and to those who have a strong does get fairly violent and bloody.


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Review of Green Lantern # 40 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.

Identity Stolen.

After reading Green Lantern # 40, I see the continuation of the “soul searching” theme currently going on in all the books tied into the upcoming Blackest Night. It seems this time of reflection is allowing the readers to gain a better understanding of who the players are, even if the characters themselves seem to feel as if their identities and roles have been stolen from them, so to speak.

On one front, we have Yrra Cynril, the former bounty hunter known as Fatality, reflecting on her recent conversion to a Star Sapphire. Yrra feels this new found power of love seems to have filled a void caused by years of pain and suffering, and with this power she can save all those who she deems “misguided”. I think the person she’s chooses as her next “conversion” will make a very interesting case study.

From another front, we have Hal Jordan still dealing with the issue of the Blue Power Ring, and how get free of it. Hal feels hope is a burden. He is unable to free himself from the Blue ring, due to his lack of faith in its power. I liked the bit of comic relief concerning what Hal “Hopes” for, and how the blue ring reacts to his request. It goes to show that the only way to achieve Hope is with true intentions and real determination.

But, as each of these characters seeks to understand what they have been given, another continues to take advantage of the situation. And take, and take, and take...

As the Guardians finally reveal the new fourth law, the battle is taken to the Vegan Star system. It’s here, during an all out assault lead by the Guardians themselves, where we learn how Agent Orange could thrive for such a long time and why the Guardians chose to turn a blind eye. The end result of this neglect is the fire which fuels Agent Oranges power.

We also learn how the orange power rings work, as the rings steal a candidates identity for service in the Orange Lanterns, regardless of the chosen parties willingness or not. I found the back-up tale of the Orange Lanterns to illustrate this point quite clearly. It seemed to be more of a moral than a tale, but still a warning nevertheless.

Overall I like where this is heading. Like a complex game of cosmic chess, most if not all the pieces have been set into motion.

Now we just have to see how this all plays out.

8.5/ 10

Eddie R.
Review Editor

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Review of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4. By Eddie R.

Return to the Future.

For months now, Legions of Fans have been asking why DC Comics made the decision to postpone releasing the fourth installment of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds? What could make the publisher put such a fast paced storyline as this on hold for 2 whole months?

The answer to that question is just that: Answers............... Glorious Answers!

Answers to what you may ask? Well, for that you’re going to have to read the book yourself, but what I will tell you is the following.... If this series was part of a story bible for the up and coming DC Universe, you could file it under Revelations, because there are tons of them in this 40 page installment.

Lots of loose ends get tied up here, from various other storylines published within the last 2 years of the DCU. Fans of certain characters, which some believe have been denied a proper homage in their eyes, will certainly have something to cheer for. As I was reading, it amazed me how all of this all seemed to play out so seamlessly in amidst a battle royal of good versus evil. Yes fellow readers, the story is THAT good.

For me, the biggest part of the series has been the time travel aspect. I love how past, present and future events are intertwined into a very believable scenario. Sometimes you get a story where time travel hampers the flow of the tale being told, bogging it down with a million different ways which the story could be resolved, and not showing one clear outcome in the end. This isn’t the case here.

Although the ending was one I did not see coming, I am glad it has gone this route. It does raise a ton of questions, but I am willing to wait 2 more months for the answers.


Eddie R.
Review Editor

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Highly acclaimed creator of MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS, Mike Allred, to become permanent cover artist for Image's ongoing superhero saga, JERSEY GODS!

Image Comics' newest superhero debut, JERSEY GODS, gains a new member of their creative pantheon as writer Glen Brunswick and illustrator Dan McDaid are joined by new permanent series cover artist, MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS' Mike Allred!

"I consider Mike Allred to be one of the greatest artists currently working in comics today," Brunswick said. "When Joe Keatinge told me that we had a shot at getting Mike to illustrate the cover to our first issue of JERSEY GODS I was really excited. The Jersey Turnpike racing cover that Mike turned in has become iconic - in one single image Mike was able to convey the entire essence of the series. Since then Mike has been gracious enough to do four more unbelievable covers for us. If you told me six months ago that Mike Allred was going to become our permanent JERSEY GODS cover artist, I'd have wondering which psych ward you just wandered out of. On the other hand, maybe I'm the one that's crazy after all...and damn happy about it. Welcome aboard, Mike!"

Mike Allred takes over the regular cover reins full-time with issue six just after SAVAGE DRAGON's Erik Larsen concludes the series of regular guest covers. However, the incentive covers will still continue with major talent such as KICK ASS' John Romita Jr., SPAWN's Whilce Portacio and an upcoming wraparound by BATTLING BOY's Paul Pope. Fans excited for the change are encouraged to stop by Brunswick's appearance on May 2nd during Free Comic Book Day at Concord, CA's Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff. In addition to the full lineup of FCBD offerings, free copies of JERSEY GODS #1 will be given away alongside a coupon good for either a dollar off each issue of JERSEY GODS #2-5 or five dollars off the upcoming collection.

Allred added, "I've been a big fan from day one and now to be part of the team, even getting team t-shirts, is super cool!"

JERSEY GODS #4 (MAR092450), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores May 6th, 2009. For more information on the Flying Colors Free Comic Book Day event with Glen Brunswick on May 2nd in Concord, CA please visit


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Ask Matty - May 1

It's time once again for Mattel to answer some questions.

1) There is talk of Wave 10 being a Wal-Mart exclusive wave. Seeing there were both quality issues & distribution issues on Wal-Mart's end with the last exclusive wave, is there anything Mattel can do to improve this at all, to make sure the consumers are able to get this wave? One of the main frustrations was various Wal-Marts not stocking this wave.

Wal-Mart is well aware of this and have greatly increased their order for their customized wave as well as increased the number of stores carrying it. But in the end, this is a choice Wal-Mart makes, not Mattel. Doing a Wal-Mart wave is part of the overall long term strategy to bring DCUC to Wal-Mart stores.

2) For the Wonder Twins, are they the same scale as Robin & Kid Flash?
Or are they more in scale with the Riddler?

They are based on Harley Quinn and the Red Tornado bodies.

3) Mattel had a DCIC Wonder Woman figure to go with the release of the Wonder Woman DVD. Any chance of that repeating with the Green Lantern DVD that's coming out in July?


4) On the Ghostbusters line, what about a Collect & Connect Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man? I know personally, I'd love to see that.

Not likely a Collect and Connect, as we would like to find a way to make him even bigger and C&C only go up to 10 inches. We’ll find another way to do him even bigger in time.

5) Can we get an update on the street dates of DCU waves 8 & 9, DCIH, Justice League, Brave & the Bold, Dark Knight Movie Masters, etc?

For a variety of reasons there are not exact street dates for toys (with the exception of major movie events like Dark Knight). All of these toys will be out in the next few months.

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Dark Reign Rocks The World of Amazing Spider-Man!

Who’s the American Son? What are his ties to the Dark Avengers? And just what does Dark Reign mean for Spider-Man? The answers begin in Amazing Spider-Man #595, the first chapter of “American Son” from fan-favorite writer Joe Kelly and acclaimed artist Phil Jimenez!

After recent events, Spider-Man’s life is worse than ever and he decides it’s time to save the world…by taking down Norman Osborn, AKA the Iron Patriot and leader of the Dark Avengers. This is the Spider-Man epic that no Marvel fan can afford to miss as the countdown to Amazing Spider-Man #600 begins! Plus, don’t miss a menacing variant cover from superstar artist Adi Granov!

For a look behind the scenes of “American Son”, including all-new art plus commentary by Kelly and Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker, check out the Spider-Man: American Son Sketchbook. It’s free, courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, right here:

Retailers, please check the Marvel Mailer for special incentives on Amazing Spider-Man #595, the first chapter of “American Son”!

American Son Part 1
Written by JOE KELLY
Pencils & Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—5/7/09, On-Sale—5/27/09

American Son Part 2
Written by JOE KELLY
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—5/14/09, On-Sale—6/3/09

American Son Part 3
Written by JOE KELLY
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—5/21/09, On-Sale—6/10/09

American Son Part 4
Written by JOE KELLY
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—5/28/09, On-Sale—6/17/09


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Review of Star Trek: Crew #2 (IDW Publishing) By Eddie R.


Sometimes it’s hard to follow a story when it begins in the middle. It gets even more complicated when you start moving the story both forwards and backwards from that middle point, and sometimes the action is not fast paced enough to bring you up to speed on what’s going on. That’s why I was surprised when I read, then re-read, this issue of Star Trek: Crew #2.

Even though I thought I had managed to see everything the first time around, a few things caught my eye at a second glance. And it was after this second reading where I felt very privileged to have someone like John Byrne behind the helm of this book. I really do appreciate the attention to detail, both in the artwork and the dialogue, Mr. Byrne does. This feels like Star trek, looks like Star trek, and if anything is a tribute, not only to the entire History of Star Trek, but to all the fans out there who know what Star trek truly is about: A wagon train to the Stars.

We open this issue in the vacuum of space, where we find our fearless female Cadet from the first issue, now an Ensign and well on her way to becoming the Character “Number One”, doing a spacewalk and making repairs to the impulse engines of the starship she is currently serving on, the U.S.S Fortune. The plot of the story is typical Star Trek (Ship gets distress call, answers, finds Colony destroyed by unknown alien race, Aliens come back and go after said starship, battle ensues, clocks constantly ticking). What’s not typical about this story are both the dialogue, and the pace, at which the drama unfolds.

Choices have to be made, Lives are on the line, and issues have to be weighed. Overall, this will lead you to an excellent story, combined with some serious character development. You will feel drawn in, like you want to be on that ship with them, taking part in both the action and the decision making, no matter what the outcome.

And that’s where I feel fortunate.


Eddie R.
Review Editor

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