Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Masters of the Universe Classics 2009 Top Ten, Part IV

On to numbers 4 and 3...

Number 4 Hordak

Drawing heavily on his minicomic origins and 200X characterization, Hordak comes to us as the not only the leader of the Evil Horde but as a dark sorcerer and master to Keldor. His figure in MOTUC draws some inspiration from his 200X design and is much more menacing and scary than his 80’s counterpart. He has one of those headsculpts that is loaded with character. In fact, he kind of looks like he’s about to tell someone off. Probably Callix.

Hordak is also one of the more accessory-heavy figures with a big staff, a crossbow and a small gargoyle-type creature that clips to his arm as well as a molded plastic cape and removable armor. Mattel and the Horsemen did a great job updating this figure and it was a real treat to have him included so early in the line.

Check out the full review for this figure here.

Number 3 Man-At-Arms

Winner: Best Accessories!

While Man-At-Arms features the basic male body for these figures and an unremarkable paint scheme and applications, he really excels when it comes to his accessories. In addition to his armor, weapons and a bonus head, Duncan also included a (poorly-kept) secret accessory: the 200X powersword.

This is exactly what we should get for a $20 action figure. He really feels like a value for the money, in a line where some of the figures do not. Read our original review of this figure here.

Patrick Garone
Staff Reviewer

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