Friday, January 22, 2010

TV News: Supernatural clips! Don't miss out!

Supernatural clips! Good times and hot boys!!

Supernatural Trailer - Swap Meat

Supernatural Webclip - Swap Meat


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TV News: Absolute Justice Promo

Here is an awesome Absolute Justice promo! Smallville returns next Friday, January 29 at 8pm and "Absolute Justice" airs on February 5 from 8-10pm.

Smallville Trailer - Absolute Justice


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Toy News: Toy2R Celebrates its15th Anniversary With Big News!!

With the new website,,up and running since Christmas, Toy2R is poised to make some waves in 2010.

The new web presence of Toy2R includes a revised blog moving QEE4ALL under the roof of the new site. News about upcoming releases, updates and all things Toy2R are being posted daily. News of the continuation of the Simpsons Qee line was confirmed with the announcement of the 10” Homer Simpson Qee dropping soon. This includes the classic everyday outfit Homer as well as the D.I.Y. Edition. Plans are in the works to make the D.I.Y. available for a world art tour like the Bart Simpson Qee Tour that included over 230 original customs! Other licensed Qee lines will be announced shortly including news about the follow-up series of Domo Qees!

The website also features an all new Custom Qee Gallery ( section with over 300 original customs on display. Works from Baseman to Voltaire to rare images of pieces by Buff Monster and Obey are available for viewing. The Gallery also encourages anyone to submit photos of their original custom Qees to be included alongside some of the best customizers in the world.

On top of all the media – Toy2R has also included a new webstore (! Looking for that hard to find Qee? Need a D.I.Y. fix? Trying to finish a collection – well check out the new store to find just about everything under the sun from Toy2R. Limited edition classics as well as preorders for upcoming releases like the 2.5” Elemental Qee Series– its all there!! From Jumping Brains to exclusive Kozik’s Potamus figures! Find rare Bossy Bears and classic Rolito Figures just waiting for you at Toy2R USA!

Check out the new site and see how the Qeevolution is taking shape. With updated Twitter access (@QEEBEAR) and a Facebook Fan Page ( collectors and fans alike can stay in touch and talk directly with the Toy2R crew better than ever before.

With the announcement of the classic 2.5" Artist Qee Series being relaunched and new licensed Qee lines coming soon – Toy2R is pulling out all of the stops to make 2010 – it’s 15th Anniversary – a major milestone!

Toy2R – Putting Art In Your Hands For 15 Years!


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Expanding their partnerships with proven digital comics distributors to meet the growing demand for more digital content, Archaia and Roddenberry Productions announced that the “digi-bution” of all five issues of last fall’s critically acclaimed, science fiction miniseries Days Missing is now exclusively on iVerse Comics’ free application. Issue #1, written by Phil Hester (Firebreather, The Darkness, Green Arrow) and drawn by Frazer Irving (Batman and Robin, Seven Soldiers of Victory), is currently available for free on the site and issues #2-5 will be available for $1.99 in the coming weeks.

Days Missing tells the stories of a mysterious being known as “The Steward.” His ability to literally “fold” days of time has allowed him to secretly remove critical days from our shared history that have forever changed the course of mankind…or so he thinks. In these missing days, The Steward battles Frankenstein, the Spanish conquistadors and artificial life forms, among other history-shaping forces.

Days Missing digital issues #2-5 will each be available for $1.99 and will roll out weekly starting Jan. 27. The schedule is as follows:

Days Missing #2 – Jan. 27
Days Missing #3 – Feb. 3
Days Missing #4 – Feb. 10
Days Missing #5 – Feb. 17

“Archaia is committed to reaching the mass audience with our sophisticated content in multiple formats,” said PJ Bickett, President of Archaia. “With digi-bution, we are able to reach an audience 10 times larger. Now throw in the fact that it is Days Missing, co-developed with Roddenberry Productions, and you have an instant winner!”

“Roddenberry has always been a name associated with technology and innovation. We are thrilled to continue this journey with Archaia and offer fans the opportunity to consume this extraordinary story on a unique digital platform,” said Roddenberry’s Head of Development and Days Missing Creator Trevor Roth.

“Archaia is the perfect kind of publishing partner for iVerse,” said iVerse Media CEO Michael Murphey. “Archaia has a rich and diverse catalog with some amazing properties like Days Missing…which we’re very excited to release on the iPhone.”

The digi-bution of Days Missing will ramp up to the debut of the Days Missing deluxe hardcover ($19.95, 160 pages, ISBN 1-932386-84-X), which will feature a host of extras and back-matter material, including a foreword by the legendary Warren Ellis. It is scheduled to be on sale in comic shops on Feb. 24 and in bookstores on March 2.

Archaia’s digital strategy will continue with the launch of an Archaia Store app at the end of February, powered by iVerse Media. The store will contain a complete list of Archaia’s archived products as well as exclusive digital content. More information to follow soon.


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Comic News: Only Iceman Can Save The Super Hero Squad Show Tomorrow!

The world’s icecaps are melting and Iceman can save the day…but only if Iron Man can convince the cranky X-Man to “Hero Up”!

This Saturday at 7:30pm Eastern on Cartoon Network, The Super Hero Squad Show goes global as our heroes must save the entire world from drowning thanks to Team Toxic’s machinations! Blockbuster film star Shawn Ashmore reprises his role as Iceman, joining guest stars Flatman, Jean Grey, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Pyro, Paste Pot Pete, Zzzax and more for the most action-packed, family-friendly adventure of the week!

Plus, don’t miss the all-new Super Hero Squad comic book series, jam-packed with your favorite Marvel heroes and all-ages action, in comic shops now!

Tune into the Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM on Saturday to “Hero Up!” with your favorite characters in the Marvel Universe—or any other—in an all-new episode of The Super Hero Squad Show!

To learn more about The Super Hero Squad Show, please visit and!


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Toy News: Hot Toys - Inglourious Basterds: 1/6th scale Lt. Aldo Raine Collectible Figure

Hot Toys has just launched a new product – Inglourious Basterds: 1/6th scale Lt. Aldo Raine Collectible Figure.

~ Movie Masterpiece Series ~

Hot Toys is delighted to present the 1/6th scale Lt. Aldo Raine collectible figure from the Inglourious Basterds movie. This is the first-licensed collectible figure of Brad Pitt which fully realizes his likeness in the movie.

The 1/6th scale Lt. Aldo Raine specially features:
- Newly sculpted head with authentic likeness of Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo Raine in the movie
- Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
- Real-like hair style, beard and face hair
- TrueType body with approximately 30 cm tall
- 34 points of articulations
-Three pairs of interchangeable palms (one pair of relaxed palms, one pair for holding gun, one pair for holding blade)
- Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Costume & Accessories:
- Jacket with worn-out edges, sweater, scarf, trousers and hat
- Leather-like belt with gun holster and blade pouch
- Leather-like long boots and bag
- Flannelette-surfaced water bottle
- Figure stand with movie logo and Lt. Aldo Raine nameplate

- Rifle, machine gun and pistol
- Large and small blade

- Head Sculpted by Kojun
- Head Art Directed by JC. Hong
- Head Painted by JC. Hong

Release date: Q2 2010


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Comic News: New FROM THE ASHES Graphic Novel by Bob Fingerman - IDW Publishing

FROM THE ASHES: New Graphic Novel by Bob Fingerman
is a "Speculative Memoir"

FROM THE ASHES creator Bob Fingerman and real-life wife Michele against the radioactive elements in post-apocalyptic New York City

"Fingerman is a brilliant satirist, artist and mind. From the Ashes made me laugh out loud. Awesome." - Trey Parker (South Park)

IDW Publishing is proud to announce that Bob Fingerman's From the Ashes, a graphic novel collecting the renowned series, will debut on February 10, 2010. A "speculative memoir," From the Ashes pits Fingerman and his real-life wife, Michele, against the radioactive elements in a post-apocalyptic New York City, positing an alternate timeline that starts in the lead up to the 2008 presidential election.

"The problem with most memoirs is there just aren't enough mutants and zombies in them for my liking," said Fingerman, and he rectifies that problem in spades in this gorgeously drawn, sharply written satire.

"From the Ashes is my speculative memoir of 'what might yet be' (well, not really). It's an open love letter to my wife -- but not a gummy, icky, Nicholas Sparksy Harlequin Romance kind of thing," wrote Fingerman in a recent HUFFINGTON POST piece. "I don't want to leak spoilers, but readers should take special pleasure in the messianic depiction of a scary TV pundit, far-right religious whackos, celeb corpses, tinges of Oz (as in The Wizard of as well as the HBO series). With nearly six billion dead, there's plenty of room to share my nuclear holocaust."

Additionally, From the Ashes also offers a refreshing twist on how both women and marriage are usually portrayed in comics. Fingerman, the critically acclaimed writer/artist of Beg The Question, Recess Pieces, Connective Tissue, and the well-received novel Bottomfeeder, depicts himself and his wife as equals and best friends. Michele is as adept at kicking zombie ass as she was at wielding her blackberry in her pre-apocalypse career, and Fingerman's love for her (and for cartooning) radiates from every page.

From the Ashes boasts an introduction by comedian Marc Maron (of the popular podcast WTF) as well as over 25 pages of additional material not in the original issues.

From the Ashes ($19.99, 176 pages) will be available in stores on February 10, 2010. ISBN 978-1600106002.

FROM THE ASHES "TV-style commercial" on YOUTUBE (starring Bob Fingerman)

Bob Fingerman's Website

Bob Fingerman on FACEBOOK

Bob Fingerman on Twitter



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