Monday, November 17, 2008

Matty announces TRU exclusives for DCU brand!

DCU fans,

Got some big news on exclusive figure sets available only at Toys R Us! First up are the DC Universe Classics 2-packs available now! Four sets are on shelf, BATGIRL and AZRAEL, LIGHTRAY and ORION (now with a removable helmet!), CYBORG SUPERMAN and MONGULHAL JORDAN in his original uniform with a new ABIN SUR figure! and finally

All of these packs feature the same highly detailed fully articulated figures you have come to love from the DCUC line as sculpted by the Four Horsemen. These packs should help fans complete their collection and pick up a few hard to find figures from years past!

Up next for release later in November is the DC Universe Infinite Heroes 8-pack – Battle for Metropolis!

This fantastic gift set features 3 ¾ scale figures of Earth 2 SUPERMAN, “SHAZAM!”, CAPTAIN ATOM, LEX LUTHOR in Power Armor with real firing missiles, and finally 4 (count em!) LEXCORP Trooper guards with infiltration helmets on! All of these figures come delivered to the collector in a gorgeous window box package!

Check out Toys R Us and for availability throughout the holiday season!


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