Friday, November 14, 2008

Mattel Q&A For November 15th

1) What ever happened to the 5" Two-Face & Nolan inspired Deathstroke that were shown at Toy Fair? Are they still slated to be produced? If so when?

These figures should be out later in the fall.

2) A lot of collectors are feeling frustrated because they are having difficulty finding the 6" DC Universe figures. It seems like some areas are flooded, while others are not. Now especially with the upcoming Wal-Mart wave, are you planning on doing anything with the stores to help out with better distribution? Is there anything Mattel can do to improve this?

We have spoken directly to our larger retail partners about adjusting their ordering habits to accommodate a collector line like DCUC, IH and JLU by ordering light and often, as opposed to ordering all of their supply from Wave 1. The best thing you as a fan can do is let the manager of your local toy department or store know what you are looking for and what you want to see more of. In the end, it is up to our retail partners to place orders. Mattel can only ship what is ordered by them.

3) Are the "sidekick" characters (ie Kid Flash and forthcoming ones) going to be the same miniscule scale as the DCUC 3 Robin figure or are they going to use the Sinestro body as it is a better fit for them?

They will be in size to Robin from Wave 3.

4) Are there any plans to add more female characters to the waves? One per wave doesn't seem right.

There will be more females coming and some waves will have multiple females. Although this is a collector aimed line, a large percentage of sales are still mom and kid, and females do not sell as well to this demographic. We will continue to populate the line with fan demanded females but they will not be as plentiful as the male characters.

5) Are there any vehicles planned for the DC Infinite Heroes figures? If so, when might we see the first one?

This is something we are looking into pending there is enough fan demand. The earliest we might be able to make these available would be fall 2009.


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