Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that the publisher has partnered with comiXology, iVerse Media, WOWIO, and Longbox Digital to distribute their digital comics on mobile, portable and desktop readers.

The move is in direct response to requests from fans and in an effort to tap into a new growth market. The publisher plans to focus on primarily archival material and sold out issues of recent series. The first of Top Cow’s digital comics will be available beginning tomorrow, December 10th, 2009.

Top Cow’s digital comics have been optimized and reformatted for mobile devices and desktop computers, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPhone. The publisher will have numerous first issues and entry point issues available for free, as well as a pay-per-download.

“Top Cow is very excited to have our titles available on multiple platforms,” said Top Cow publisher, Filip Sablik. “The potential to reach out and connect to a new audience and hopefully drive those new readers to physical comic book stores are all driving forces for this coordinated push. And partnering with comiXology, iVerse, WOWIO, Amazon and Longbox ensures we’re using the most up-to-date technology to provide our readers with an easy, accessible and satisfying experience.”

The move follows the mobile digital distribution of The Darkness/Pitt #1 on the iPhone made available through comiXology’s ‘Comics’ iPhone application.

“In many cases, we will be able to make recently sold out issues of comics available digitally right before the following issue comes out in direct market stores and encourage new fans to continue reading the story at their local comic shop,” added Sablik, “We’re value our direct market partners a great deal and are taking measured steps to ensure we help grow our business with them, rather than cannibalizing sales.”

Top Cow will release the following titles for the month of December for free: Witchblade #1, Wanted #1, The Darkness/Pitt #1 (already available on Comics by comiXology), Witchblade #80, Tracker First Look, The Darkness Volume 3 #1, Berserker #0, Impaler Volume 2 #1, Hunter-Killer #1 and The Darkness Volume 1 #1. Each week will see new issues available for fans to download.

For the month of January, the additional titles will be made available including: Witchblade #2-8, Wanted #2-6, The Darkness/Pitt #2, Witchblade #81, The Darkness Volume 3 #2, Witchblade #82, Tracker #1, The Darkness Volume 3 #3, Impaler Volume 1 #1, Witchblade #83, Berserker #1, The Darkness Volume 3 #4, Impaler Volume 2 #2, Impaler Volume 1 #2-6, Witchblade #84, Hunter-Killer #2-12, The Darkness Volume 3 #5 and The Darkness Volume 1 #2-6.

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Toy News: The Past and Present, All in Two Minimate Series!

Diamond Select has images of their next to waves of Marvel Minimates.

The Past!! Series 31:
Black Bolt & Captain Marvel, Captain Britain & Shadowcat, Multiple Man & Silver Age Angel and Multiple Man & Angel variant.

The Present!! Series 32:
Extremis Iron Man & Titanium Man, X-Force Cable & X-Force X-23, Kree Soldier & Yellow Jacket and Kree Soldier & Goliath variant.


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Comic News: Paranormal Activity Continues in New Digital Comic

Comic offers continuation of fright-fest movie

iPhone and iPod touch exclusive available now

Paranormal Activity, the smash hit from Paramount Pictures, has frightened millions of people worldwide, and now the terror continues at the iTunes App Store with Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie, A Case Study by Dr. Johann Averys DMN. iPhone and iPod touch users have exclusive access to this digital comic, which begins AFTER the film’s shocking cliff-hanger ending. IDW Publishing’s first digital-exclusive comic follows a brilliant demonologist named Dr. Johann Averys, as he tries to find Katie, the tragic main character of Paranormal Activity.

Written by comic great Scott Lobdell (X-MEN; Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box), Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie pairs Dr. Averys with feisty S.D.P.D. Detective Singh; together they attempt to discover the origins of the demon who haunted Micah and Katie. Mark Badger (The Gargoyle) provides captivating art that expertly depicts the horror of this tale.

“Paranormal Activity impressed me not only through the movie itself, but also the way its audience was built online,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. “So an online-only, and specifically iTunes-only, release of a new story in comic form seemed like a great way to extend the filmmakers’ efforts and world of the characters alike.”

Michael Corcoran, Paramount Pictures President, Consumer Products & Recreation Group, said, “This is a film that owes its enormous popularity to the fans who made it such a hit through word-of-mouth. We are excited to be able to work with IDW to explore new story lines and themes touched upon in the film.”

Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie digital comic ($0.99) is now available at Apple’s iTunes App store. Paranormal Activity will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on December 29th.


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Comic News: A Fallen X-Man Returns In The Newest Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic On iTunes Today!

It’s the series that’s topped the iTunes sales chart, drawn acclaim from all corners and leaves jaws on the floor—and now, Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Episode 4 is available on iTunes!

Based on the award-winning story by superstars Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and John Cassaday (Captain America), Ord makes a devastating attack on the mansion and not all the X-Men may survive! Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde is about to learn the truth about the mutant cure—and her future will never be the same again! But just which of her fallen friends is alive? CLICK HERE to purchase the latest episode and find out now!

Don’t miss a single episode of the chart-topping Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic-- subscribe to a season pass, available on iTunes, by clicking HERE!

For more information on motion comics please visit at


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Toy News: New Iron Man 2 Products

Hasbro has released new images of the upcoming Iron Man 2 product line.

- Crimson Dynamo (Comic) #01

- Iron Man Mark I (Comic) #22

- Iron Man Classic (Comic) #26

- War Machine (Comic) #23

- Iron Man Stealth Operations (Comic) #24

- Iron Man Mark I (Movie) #01

- Iron Man Mark II (Movie) #02

- Iron Man Mark III (Movie) #03

- Iron Monger (Movie) #07

- Iron Man Hypervelocity Armor (Concept) #05

- Iron Man Deep Dive Armor #06 (Concept)

- 3-in-1 Repulsor

- Iron Man 2 helmet

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