Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Exclusive Invades SDCC!

2008 marks the return of one of the most important super-teams in the history of the Marvel Universe, and now Diamond Select Toys is bring the Invaders to San Diego Comic Con as never before! Exclusively available at the biggest convention of the year, DST is proud to announce the all-new Invaders Minimates Box Set!

Featuring the four most famous members of the all-star Invaders team, this set includes Steve Rogers as Captain America, James Buchanan Barnes as Bucky, Prince Namor as the Sub-Mariner and Jim Hammond as the original Human Torch! These legendary heroes were instrumental in the defeat of the Axis powers in WWII and will appear throughout 2008 in the aptly-titled Avengers/Invaders limited series.

Also included with this set are additional costume and accessory pieces allowing you to display your Minimates in multiple configurations! Available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con July 23-27, make sure you pick up this bit of Marvel history before they vanish forever!


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