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Comic News: Nick Simmons signing at Golden Apple Comics on August 22nd


On August 22nd from 1-3pm Golden Apple Comics will present an autograph signing with NICK SIMMONS for the release of his new comic book from Radical Publishing INCARNATE.

From Nick Simmons, son of rock legend Gene Simmons and star of A&E’s GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS, comes a revolutionary new take on the undead. They cannot die. They feel no pain. They hunger for human flesh. They are Revenants. Centuries ago, the Revenant known as Mot was worshipped as a God. Now, he walks the Earth in search of a purpose to his immortality – but when a secret society discovers a way to kill Revenants, Mot and his fellow immortals must make a choice: Hunt or be hunted. Nick Simmons’ breakout American Manga title reveals a world that challenges even the imagination, planting its tongue firmly in cheek, then biting it off... and swallowing it.

INCARNATE issue #1 autograph event will take place in Los Angeles at Golden Apple Comics on August 22, 2009 from 1-3PM at 7018 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. For more information, please call 323-658-6047.

Golden Apple Comics has been the premier comic book & pop culture store in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Always cutting edge & proactive in the community, Golden Apple views this as a great opportunity to attract new readers to our thriving industry. A place in LA for anything groundbreaking in the comic world. This show ensures to be no exception. High profile media coverage and an aggressive advertising campaign are already in the works. Please note, Golden Apple Comics has a new address, but the same pivotal grasp on the marketplace.


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I.M.O. (In My Opinion) By Eddie R

Note: The following article is based upon the experiences and opinions of the writer of this article, and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those associated with Pendragon’s Post.

Thank you.

Little Shop of....

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a place where they sell comics, and you suddenly feel as if you’re more in a private members club rather than a comic book shop? I have, way too many times.

Now I am going to start off by saying that not every comic book store is like this. When I lived in the big city for over a decade, I guess you could say I was spoiled. I had about 10 comic book shops to choose from, and if I found one or two which did not suit my liking I would just stop going to them. I am a firm believer of “Shop with your feet & wallet”, meaning if you don’t like a certain store for whatever reason and you feel there’s no point in complaining, because nothing will be done to correct the situation, you try to find one that will meet your needs, and you give them your business. That’s called being a consumer. And yes, even comic book readers are considered part of that demographic.

O.K. I know the situation I mentioned above isn’t exactly ideal for everyone, especially those who live in a small or rural community, and have no other means to access the books they love, and who are at the mercy of the person behind the counter. Trust me, I grew up in the country and recently decided to move back to my hometown, and this type of situation is also all too familiar to me. I know a well stocked newsstand or magazine store cannot replace the charm and variety of a local comic book shop, and if you do have one in your small town, be lucky you do and please support them. These people are just like everyone else, and I do believe they try their best in order to accommodate and satisfy their customers. But there are some shops, and the owners who run them, which seem to foster an atmosphere of “member’s only”. As I said, in the big city that’s fine, you got more choice, but on a local level, this a completely different story.

The one thing has always puzzled me about these so- called “members only” comic shops, which seem to cater to a select few, is how can they stay in business if they seem to alienate their clientele so much? You would think the ones with bad customer service, ranging from dismissing or talking down to customers who have legit questions, to having a customer service style akin to consulting a brick wall, would actually want people to come in and buy from them, especially the local ones. I don’t know how many times I have walked into certain comic book shops where there seems to be a meeting going on around the cash counter, and the person behind the cash seems more interested in talking about how bad a book is in length, rather than actually letting the paying customers actually buy something . Or even more serious, you want to ask the clerk a question, but you have 5-10 guys there ready to pounce on you if you manage to say the wrong name of a book or character, and then have them rant and rave to the point where you just decided to walk out, without the owner or the clerk intervening. That stings, I know, I have been there.

I think the only solution to this dilemma is to demand better service from those shops which seem to want your cash, but not your physical presence in the store. Today in the 21st Century, we have a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing comic book material, the internet being the biggest advantage, especially when it comes to trade paper backs. It’s not uncommon to find TPB at an online bookstore for much less than the cover price. But you take a big chance because you’re not able to see what your purchasing beforehand. That’s where good customer service on the part of the Comic book shops will have to come into play if they want to retain their clientele.

Now I am not telling anyone to stop buying from their local comic book shop. That’s the last thing I want because they are in business for a reason, but what I would like my fellow readers to ask themselves is this. Does my local comic book shop meet my needs as a consumer? And if not, what can I, and the owners, do about correcting the situation?

You might be just as surprised as I was with the outcome.

Eddie R

Review Co-Editor

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Toy News: Diamond Toys Ship Date Update!

These dates represent our best estimated in-store dates and may change as production warrants. We’ll be updating these dates through our blog in an effort to bring customers the most up-to-date information possible. See the full list after the jump.

Marvel Minimates Series 27 Set

Back to the Future Time Machine
Marvel Minimates Series 28 Set
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Phaser Replica
Star Wars Darth Vader Unmasked Bust Bank
Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Anakin Skywalker

Star Trek HD Enterprise 1701 Ship

Marvel Select Marvel Girl

Marvel Select Sabretooth
Star Wars Jedi Council Yoda Bank

Ghostbusters Video Game Minimates Box Set

BSG Cylons - Modern Centurion Action Figure
BSG Cylons - Razor Centurion Action Figure
Back to the Future Marty Cap Replica
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Replica Bank
Marvel Select Kree Mar-Vell
Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Emperor Palpatine Figure
Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Jedi Luke Skywalker Figure
Terminator 2 Ultimate Quarter Scale T-800

Star Trek TOS “Mirror, Mirror” I.S.S. Enterprise Ship

BSG Razor Cylon Commander PX Action Figure

Ghostbusters Slimer Bank

Ghostbusters Ecto1 License Plate Replica
Ghostbusters Minimates PX Glow in the Dark Slimer & Ray Two-Pack
Ghostbusters Minimates Series 2 Box Set
Marvel Minimates Series 29 Set
Marvel Minimates Series 30 Set
Raiders of the Lost Ark Ultimate Quarter Scale Cairo Indiana Jones
Star Trek TOS Romulan Kirk & Spock AF Two-Pack
Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi
Terminator 2 Minimates Series 2 Asst

BSG Boomer & Athena Action Figure Two-Pack

Marvel Minimates Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

Beverly Hills Cop Minimates Box Set
BSG Mini-Flyers Series 1 Cylon Raider
BSG Mini-Flyers Series 1 Mark VII Viper
BSG Starbuck & Leoben Action Figure Two-Pack
BSG Tigh & Gaeta Action Figure Two-Pack
Ghostbusters Logo Bank
Marvel Select Best of Assortment #4
Marvel Select Daredevil Action Figure
Marvel Select Spider-Man Action Figure
Star Wars Darth Maul Bust Bank
Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Mos Eisley Han Solo
Transformers Bumblebee Bust Bank
Transformers Icons Megatron Bust

Marvel Select Abomination Action Figure
Star Trek Kirk vs Gorn Action Figure Two-Pack
Star Wars Han Solo Bust Bank

BSG Series 4 PX Admiral Cain Action Figure
BSG Series 4 Action Figure Asst (Adama, Roslin, Apollo)
Godfather Minimates Box Set
Star Trek TOS Series 5 Action Figure Set
Star Trek TOS Series 5 PX Salt Vampire
Stargate SG-1 Series 5 PX Ba’al Figure
Stargate SG-1 Series 5 Set

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Toy News: NEW! Glow in the Dark Ice-Bat Action Figures!

GLOW in the DARK Ice-Bat Action Figures!
6 pc blind assortment
$8 each or $48 for the complete 6pc set
Sold at Fine Specialty Shops Everywhere

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Comic News: Buy The Marvels Project #1 Today!

The Marvels Project #1 is in stores now!

Celebrate the birth of the Marvel superheroes with this commemorative event by the Eisner-winning team who brought you the Death of Captain America, writer Ed Brubaker and artist Steven Epting! In a world on the brink of war, how does a dying man’s mysterious message mark the beginning of the first age of heroes? Witness the advent of the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner while exposing the hidden connections that unite these fabled champions! What tragedy summons Namor into battle from his aquatic kingdom and spawns his aversion for the human-world? Having been forewarned, can Thomas Holloway AKA The Angel contain the turmoil soon to come? Don’t miss the thrilling variant cover issues by renowned artists Gerald Parel and Steve Mcniven, and the 70th Anniversary Party variant by Phil Jimenez!

“[I felt] like I had a new understanding of the early days of the Marvel Universe and its first heroes as well as being impressed by how effortlessly the creative team made the story flow…This was an excellent read.” - Richard Renteria,

“Issue one is a tantalizing, effective opener…an ambitious eight-part epic intent on uniting the Golden Age pantheon of heroes and charting their impact on the decades of adventures that followed…Epting’s art is gorgeous, photorealistic, and yet capable of comic book operatics…A brilliantly promising start.” - Nick Setchfield, SFX Magazine

“Put a creative team like Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting on your book, because nothing pleases like a quality comic, which The Marvels Project #1 most certainly is…Not to be missed.”—Chad Nevett, ComicBookResources.Com

With good and evil racing to create the super human, who will triumph? You know their legends, you’ve read their stories; now see it all begin with The Marvels Project #1!

THE MARVELS PROJECT #1 (of 8) (JUN090440)
Written by ED BRUBAKER
Pencils & Cover by STEVE EPTING
Variant Cover by GERALD PAREL
Variant Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN
70th Anniversary Party Variant by PHIL JIMENEZ
Parental Advisory …$3.99


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Comics News: Phil Hester Takes Over Art Chores for The Darkness #80 & #81

Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that Phil Hester, the current writer for The Darkness, will take over artistic duties on the series for “Bog,” a special two-part story which he has also written.

“Bog” begins in The Darkness #80 which is solicited for a September 2009 release and will conclude the following month in The Darkness #81.

Phil Hester, whose previous art credits for Top Cow include the Daredevil/Magdalena one-shot, has been the sole writer for the third volume of The Darkness since its launch in 2007. The Darkness #80 marks the first time that his art will accompany his writing in the series.

The story follows current Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado and his recently formed crew of criminals as they head to the swamp on their quest to destroy every representation of The Sovereign in the world. But they soon find that the swamp they are in has a monstrous protector.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik said, “Phil has really revived and reinvigorated ‘The Darkness’ during his tenure as writer. He's taking Jackie places he's never been before and making him a much more fleshed out, three-dimensional character… Phil mentioned had a secret ‘swamp monster’ story he'd been itching to tell and draw since he wrapped up his run on ‘Swamp Thing’ years ago. Phil has a great affinity for classic archetypes and stories and this one just seemed like too much fun to pass up. We found a way to incorporate it into Jackie's larger story and away we went!”

“Although I'm not a ‘typical’ Top Cow artist, the story line in Bog allows me to really play to my dark, angular, twisted strengths,” explained writer/artist Hester, “Plus, with Parks on inks, Darkness readers will get to see my vision for a truly menacing swamp monster in all its glory.”

Two cover variants will be offered for The Darkness #80, one by Hester and another by artist Michal Ivan (City of Dust). Issue #81 will feature a cover by regular series artist Michael Broussard, who returns to the The Darkness with issue #82.
Both The Darkness #80 and #81 will be priced at $2.99 as part of Top Cow Productions ongoing promotion to maintain the low cover price of $2.99 in 2009 for all of their regular comic books.


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Comic News: Top Writers and Artists Create Hero Comics

Industry superstars Howard Chaykin, Bill Willingham, J. Scott Campbell, Matt Wagner and more contribute with all proceeds benefiting Hero

Hero Initiative is very proud to announce the release of Hero Comics. The 32-page, no-ads comic, edited and produced by Scott Dunbier, special projects editor at IDW Publishing, hits stores today with two covers, Eve by J. Scott Campbell, and Grendel by Matt Wagner. The fundraising book will contain great, all-new content including an original American Flagg! story by Howard Chaykin, and original stories by Gene Ha, Bill Willingham, David Lloyd, and Kaare Andrews. (See attachment for cover art)

In addition, Arthur Adams will recreate three classic Marvel Comics covers, and Hero Initiative beneficiaries such as Gene Colan, Bill Messner-Loebs and Josh Medors will tell their own personal stories, detailing their severe struggles, and Hero’s involvement.

Patrons of Los Angeles’ Golden Apple Comics will also have access to another bonus: Bill Willingham has donated BOTH pages of original art from his 2-page story, and Golden Apple is raffling them off, with raffle tickets costing a mere $1 each. Golden Apple is located at 7018 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. Call them at 323-658-6047, or visit

This special edition comic retails for $3.99, and is in the Diamond Previews catalog for August-shipping items in the IDW section, order code JUN090950 . Hero is proud and grateful to announce that through a special arrangement with the printer, Try Vision Company, Inc. of Los Angeles, thousands of copies are available for reorder in Diamond’s system.

“I've been an active supporter of the Hero Initiative since I was first asked to help out,” stated Howard Chaykin. “It's particularly important in this volatile era that we remember the men and women who made our industry, and make certain that they have the happy endings they richly deserve.”

“It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work on a book like Hero Comics. The job that the Hero Initiative does, helping comics creators in need, is a noble endeavor, one all of us should get behind,” said Dunbier.

All proceeds from the book benefit Hero Initiative, as all creators involved have donated their services. IDW is donating its publishing services, Comicraft is donating lettering and book design, and Try Vision Company, Inc. of Los Angeles is donating printing.


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DVD News: SIMPSONS: SEASON 12 - on DVD 8/18/09

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Presents The Four-Disc DVD Collection Featuring All 21 Episodes And Loads Of Special Features Including Audio Commentaries, Deleted Scenes And Much More

The Emmy®* Award Winning Comedy Arrives August 18 In Collectible Packaging Featuring Springfield’s Favorite Critic – Comic Book Guy

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie return for more outrageous adventures when “The Simpsons” The Complete Twelfth Season arrives on DVD August 18th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The longest running animated series in television history, the latest DVD collection features all 21 classic episodes from the 2000-01 season including Bart’s boy band odyssey in “New Kids on the Blecch” featuring pop sensations N’Sync and a hilarious less-than-ordinary day for Homer, Bart and Lisa in “Trilogy of Error.” The season also boasts an impressive line-up of talented guest stars including Drew Barrymore, Edward Norton, Justin Timberlake, Stephen King, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Roger Daltry and many more.

“The Simpsons” The Complete Twelfth Season is loaded with special features including an introduction from Matt Groening; audio commentaries on every episode with Groening and “The Simpsons” Executive Producers, Writers, Actors and Directors; deleted scenes; animation showcases; original sketches; special language feature; featurettes and more. As an added bonus, the set comes in collectible packaging modeled after the overweight and over opinionated retailer Comic Book Guy. The DVD collection will be available for a suggested retail price of $49.98 U.S./$69.98 Canada. Prebook is July 22.

“The Simpsons” The Complete Twelfth Season Special Features:
All episodes are compiled on four discs (full frame, aspect ratio 1.33:1). Each episode is presented with English 5.1 Dolby Surround, Spanish and French Stereo and English, French and Spanish subtitles. The following is a breakdown of each disc:

Disc One:
* Treehouse of Horror XI
* A Tale of Two Springfields
* Insane Clown Poppy
* Lisa the Tree Hugger
* Homer vs. Dignity
* Additional Bonus Features Include:
* Commentaries featuring Executives Producers, Writers, Directors, Cast and many more
* Illustrated Commentary: Lisa the Tree Hugger
* Animation Showcase: Treehouse of Horror XI
* Deleted Scenes
* Special Language Feature: Homer Vs. Dignity

Disc Two:
* The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
* The Great Money Caper
* Skinner’s Sense of Snow
* Pokey Mom
* Worst Episode Ever
* Additional Bonus Features Include:
* Commentaries featuring Executives Producers, Writers, Directors, Cast and many more
* Deleted Scenes
* Comic Book Guy: Best. Moments. Ever. featurette
* Illustrated Commentary: HOMR

Disc Three:
* Tennis the Menace
* Day of the Jackanapes
* New Kids on the Blecch
* Hungry, Hungry Homer
* Bye Bye Nerdie
* Simpsons Safari
* Additional Bonus Features Include:
* Commentaries featuring Executives Producers, Writers, Directors, Cast and many more
* Deleted Scenes
* Animation Showcase: Day of the Jackanapes

Disc Four:
* Trilogy of Error
* I’m Goin’ to Praiseland
* Children of a Lesser Clod
* Simpson Tall Tales
* Additional Bonus Features Include:
* Commentaries featuring Executives Producers, Writers, Directors, Cast and many more
* Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Executive Producer Mike Scully
* Global Fanfest
* Sketch Gallery
* Illustrated Commentary: I’m Goin’ to Praiseland
* The Commercials


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Comic News: The Marvel Universe Begins Major Changes In Dark Reign: The List—Avengers!

If you’re reading New Avengers or the red-hot Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia, then you can’t miss an issue of Dark Reign: The List, beginning with the Avengers!

Clint Barton (Ronin) makes a decision that’ll change the Avengers as you know them! The List—Avengers, from the superstar dream team of Brian Michael Bendis and Marko Djurdjevic, begins the end of the Marvel Universe as you know it when Norman Osborn is targeted for death by Ronin! Meanwhile, Osborn himself reveals his end game—the elimination of every obstacle in his way! He’s battled the X-Men and now, with his sights set on every other major player in the Marvel Universe, all will feel the wrath of Osborn! This landmark issue also features a variant cover by superstar artist Frank Cho!

“In 2010, the Marvel Universe changes forever and it all begins in The List,” said David Gabriel, Marvel Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation. “If you’re a Marvel fan, you can’t miss any of these specials—no hero or villain walks away the same.”

The future of the Marvel Universe begins in THE LIST!

Pencils and Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Variant Cover by FRANK CHO
Rated A …$3.99
FOC—8/20/09, On-Sale—9/9/09

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Pencils & Cover by BILLY TAN
Variant Cover by FRANK CHO
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—8/20/09, On-Sale—9/9/09

Pencils & Cover by ALAN DAVIS
Variant Cover by FRANK CHO
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—8/27/09, On-Sale—9/16/09


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Book News: Tor Books Announces HALO: EVOLUTIONS!

New Halo collection to feature original tales by Eric Nylund, Karen Traviss, Tobias Buckell and more

Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC—the largest publisher of science fiction in the world—and Microsoft are pleased to announce HALO: EVOLUTIONS, a new story collection in the New York Times bestselling Halo® series, expanding the universe created in the hugely successful Halo videogames for the Xbox 360. Three previous Halo novels published by Tor have sold over a million combined copies to date, and in 2010 Tor will publish the first in a new Halo trilogy by science fiction icon Greg Bear. HALO: EVOLUTIONS will be published in November 2009. An unabridged audiobook edition will publish simultaneously with the new novel.

HALO: EVOLUTIONS will feature a wide variety of tales set across the span of the Halo universe. Contributing brand-new original stories are New York Times bestselling Halo novelists Eric Nylund and Tobias Buckell, as well as Halo newcomer and #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss. The collection will also include a number of other bestselling and award-winning writers, as well as contributions from the games writers and creators themselves, including original Halo contributor, Robt McLees of Bungie, LLC.

“There are so many interesting and exciting playgrounds that are spawning from every HALO offering,” says Eric Raab, Tor editor. “This is a great chance to watch writers have some fun with these areas and expand on some of the unexplored mythos and characters, while at the same time creating new ones as well. Think of the short story collection as a new litter of Halo stories, each excitingly unique.”

“The chance to explore corners of the Halo universe, whether obscure or popular, is something we are always excited to do, but the chance to shine light on these dark corners with the talents of these wonderful luminaries, is a pleasure indeed,” says Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director, 343 Industries. “The combination of fresh eyes and old hands guarantees a brilliant continuation of a Halo tradition.”

HALO: EVOLUTIONS arrives in-stores during an exciting season for the Halo franchise. Microsoft recently announced at Comic-Con International 2009 two dynamic expansions in the Halo universe: “Halo Legends,” an original anime series in cooperation with legendary anime pioneer Shinji Aramaki (Ghost in the Shell) and “Halo Waypoint,” a Halo-exclusive channel to launch with Xbox LIVE this fall. In September, the highly anticipated Halo 3: ODST will let players experience events leading up to the story told in Halo 3 from the perspective of an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) as they search for clues behind the Covenant’s occupation of New Mombasa.

“Halo” has emerged from the videogame world as a global phenomenon. To date, more than 27 million copies of the games in the Halo franchise have been sold worldwide. “Halo 3” made entertainment history when it launched on Sept. 25, 2007, setting record sales which marked not just the biggest videogame launch, but the biggest day-one entertainment launch in history. The newest game in the franchise, “Halo Wars,” launched on March 3, 2009 and is the best-selling current generation console-based strategy game of all time. With a fully fleshed-out universe of heroes, villains and epic scenarios, the novels expand the universe to give fans a grander view of the game environments and characters they encounter.

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Comic Review: Tracker Preview (Top Cow) Review By Oliver C.

Tracker Preview (Top Cow)

Is it man, or beast?

Tracker is awesome. I read through this very fast, twice! If you watch CSI, NCIS, Horrors, or even X-Files then you should like this. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Beast from the X—Men went on a killing spree? This would be somewhat like that.

It’s defiantly not for the faint-hearted, or the children. Scenes of gory massacre and dismembered limbs, torn open corpses. Not for some people, but defiantly for people who like that sort of thing, like me.

Agent Jezebel Kendall is called to a bus accident now called the ‘Blue Line Massacre’ and finds one survivor who may have answers to who, or what killed the sixteen people on the bus. The survivor wakes up from the hospital to meet a strange doctor. The doctor gives him a routine check up, hands him a business card and leaves. Many mysteries remain unsolved and lots of questions pop into your head about what has happened.

The truth is, the murderer is a werewolf and he has learned to control himself when transformed. He calls himself Harod, and leaves clues on his victims. But the next question is: Did he leave agent Will O’ Roark alive on purpose? Or was it the vital mistake he needed to make to be tracked down?

The artwork is incredible. Very well drawn, and coloured. A normal style comic, not out of the ordinary. Lots of real lifelike characters that slowly develop right in front of your eyes. You easily start to feel connected to them quickly. Not a very bright coloured book either. Lots of black and blood-red, and dark browns.

I thought this was a great look at Tracker and I am defiantly sure to buy #1 when it comes around. This was just an all around nice looking comic, and it was perfect in many ways. It’s really great and I know that it was made with lots of passion.
I usually try my best to have a paragraph full of the things I didn’t like, but there isn’t much not to like. Other than the fact that I got confused once or twice and had to go back and reread, due to me not remembering Kendall's partner's name because they had only mentioned it once. It could have been made clearer that who I was reading about now was a bigger part of the story than I had realized.

This preview of Tracker was just awesome. It could’ve been better though. It’s a great horror-mystery for anyone who’s a fan of that sort of thing. I recommend this to anyone who thinks that they can handle it. It’s really a great comic if you get into it. It’s left me wanting more at the end, and that’s exactly what i like to see.

8.5 Out of 10

Review By: Oliver Copeland
Staff Reviewer


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