Sunday, June 14, 2009

Linkin Park Releases Transformers Theme Song Video

Linkin Park just released the music video for their new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen theme song, "New Divide." And Reprise Records will release the soundtrack to the hotly anticipated feature film on June 23rd - the day before the movie hits theaters nationwide. The Soundtrack lead song "New Divide" by Linkin Park is available now at iTunes.

The film's director and executive producer Michael Bay asked Warner Bros. Records' multiplatinum rock band Linkin Park to provide the sonic backdrop to the live-action robot fantasy film. Not only did the band write and record the film's theme song, entitled "New Divide," specifically for the soundtrack, they were also asked by Bay, Oscar®-winning composer Hans Zimmer, and award-winning composer Steve Jablonsky to contribute to the score. "New Divide" is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Album also features music from Green Day (who contribute "21 Guns" - a song from their new album 21st Century Breakdown), Taking Back Sunday, The Used, The All-American Rejects, Cavo, The Fray, Staind, Nickelback, Cheap Trick and more.

In addition to the original soundtrack, Reprise will be releasing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Score, which will also be released on June 23rd.

The track listing for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Album is as follows:

1. Linkin Park "New Divide"
2. Green Day "21 Guns"
3. Cavo "Let It Go"
4. Taking Back Sunday "Capital M-E"
5. The Fray "Never Say Never"
6. Nickelback "Burn It To The Ground"
7. The Used "Burning Down The House"
8. Theory Of A Deadman "Not Meant To Be"
9. The All-American Rejects "Real World"
10. Hoobastank "Don't Think I Love You"
11. Staind "This Is It"
12. Avenged Sevenfold "Almost Easy"
13. Cheap Trick "TransformersTM The Fallen Remix"

Watch the video here!


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Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Storm Front vol 1 gn hits #1 on New York Times Bestseller List

Dabel Brothers Publishing is thrilled to announce that the Del Rey/Dabel Bros graphic novel, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Storm Front Vol 1: The Gathering Storm, hit #1 this week on the New York Times Bestseller List for Graphic Books:

Storm Front vol 1: The Gathering Storm adapts Butcher's first Dresden Files
novel to comics, featuring magic-wielding private investigator Harry
Dresden. The book is adapted to comics by Mark Powers, features dynamic art
by Ardian Syaf, and is available at your local book or comics retailer!

Those interested in purchasing online can do so here:

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this project, Jim
Butcher, and Dabel Brothers.


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DC Universe Action Figures Wave 9 Revision 1 Case

Save the world (and your collection) with these ever-popular heroes! From Mattel and the DC Universe, this exciting batch of 7-inch scale action figures features brilliant colors, tons of detail, and plenty of articulation. Don't miss out on this exceptional assortment!

DC Universe Action Figures Wave 9 Revision 1 Case Description:

* Classic characters from the DC Universe!
* Tons of detail. Plenty of articulation.
* Don't miss out on this exceptional assortment!

This Wave 9 Revision 1 case includes 10 individually packaged action figures (subject to change):
1x Green Arrow (with stand)
1x Black Canary (with build-a-figure piece)
1x Wildcat (with build-a-figure piece)
1x Mantis (with build-a-figure piece)
2x Black Adam (with build-a-figure piece)
2x Deadshot (with build-a-figure piece)
2x Guardian (with build-a-figure piece)

Please note: This item may have variants randomly inserted throughout the production run. We are unable to accept requests for specific variants.

Order DC Universe Action Figures Wave 9 Revision 1 Case from Entertainment Earth!


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World of Warcraft Gnome Warlock Premium Series 2 Figure

Like Warcraft? Gnomes?

For the WoW player with everything, we've got a World of Warcraft Gnome Warlock Premium Series 2 Figure. Really, there's not much we need to tell you-- just look at it. That little guy is going to cause some serious trouble. Pre-order yours before they go on a rampage!

World of Warcraft Gnome Warlock Premium Series 2 Figure

* Play the game, own the figure!
* From the hugely popular World of Warcraft MMORPG!
* Extremely detailed monster!

This 2-pack of Gnome Warlock action figures is a must have for any fan of World of Warcraft. These highly detailed action figures are made of PVC. Valdremar measures 3 1/4-inches tall and Voidwalker "Voyd" measures 6-inches tall.

Like Warcraft? Gnomes?


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Adam's Adventures: Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1 (Marvel Comics) Review by Adam P.

The gods battle it out in the heavens

It was a stroke of genius for Marvel to do a lift-and-shift by importing the major elements of Norse mythology into their universe. Since Marvel heroes are mostly ordinary people who obtained superpowers, it's nice to have someone like Thor who, as the Norse god of thunder, is someone rather extraordinary.

In the opening pages of Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1, we witness a stunning act as Thor and his oath-brother Beta Ray Bill turn aside the waves of a tsunami. Right away, we get the sense that these aren't just your friendly neighbourhood super joes: they're beings of power and might who walk among us despite being so far above us.

Bill, a horse-headed alien of the Korbinite race, wields Stormhammer, granted to him by Odin and equal in power to Thor's Mjolnir. However, in contrast to the more regal Thor, Bill is a bit of a livewire, planning to go toe-to-toe with none other than Galactus. Thor tries to talk him out of it, but Bill is resolute: he must exact vengeance on the world-eater for consuming his home planet.

Galactus, who was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, was described by them as a "demigod" or "a sort of God", from whence this three-issue limited series obtains its title, "Godhunter". Writer Kieron Gillen adds various spiritual and religious elements to the story which reinforce the concept of hunting a god, as if this tale was a page torn out of some lost culture's mythology.

For example, in exchange for obtaining Galactus' whereabouts, Bill must take down a villainous "civilization-level threat" on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D.: a being who hides out in a space cathedral executing minions at his slightest whim. Also, the current herald of Galactus, Stardust, describes his master's consumption of planets as "communion". Bill and Galactus are worthy opponents since they both consider themselves above mortal law, being guided by far greater principles. We don't see these two very regularly in Marvel chronology so it's a treat to see them square off in a cosmic trilogy.

The penciling by Kano is good. Especially effective are the space sequences and fight scenes. The appearance of Galactus with Jack Kirby's classic costume design is a real trip down memory lane and a sight to behold.

The issue's price tag is bumped up by a dollar for tacking on the reprint of Bill's origin story from Thor #337 (1983) by Walter Simonson, and it’s well worth it. The story is a rollicking tour-de-force by the writer/artist who defined Thor in the modern age. For those less familiar with Bill it's a helpful insight into his relationship with the spacecraft Skuttlebutt which figures prominently in Godhunter.

Adam P.
Review Co-Editor

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We are the Champions…the Package…

Diamond Select Toys has release pictures of the upcoming Champions Minimates pack.


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SDCC 09: Blackest Night Invades Comic-Con

According to IGN, DC Direct will be offering a very limited number of special Hal Jordan Green Lantern figures from the "Blackest Night" DC Comic storyline.

ach day during the convention at the Graphitti Designs booth (#2315) fans can line-up to get a DCD Hal Jordan figure as a member of the Green, Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow Corps. Each customer will be limited to 2 figures for each version and here is a break-down on the days they will be offered.

Wednesday (Preview Night) - July 22 - 6:00 pm Hal Jordan: Green Lantern - 3,000 pieces available

Thursday, July 23 - 10:00 am Hal Jordan: Yellow Lantern - 1,500 pieces available

Friday, July 24 - 10:00 am Hal Jordan: Blue Lantern - 1,500 pieces available

Saturday, July 25 - 10:00 am Hal Jordan: Orange Lantern - 1,500 pieces available

Sunday, July 26 - 10:00 am Hal Jordan: Red Lantern - 1,500 pieces available

Each figure comes with its own lantern and a wearable power ring customized to each Corps. Each figure is available starting its respective day, and will continue to be on sale until it is sold out. No word on pricing at this time. Each figure comes in its own four-color box.


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