Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comic Review: Irredeemable #12 (BOOM! Studios)

The Paradigm: World's Greatest Superheroes, Humanity's Last Hope...Fugitives?

Orian, an old enemy of the Paradigm, stands over Bette Noir and Gilgamos as their allies try to aid a wounded comrade. The combined efforts of the group can barely keep Orian at bay as he brings about a revelation to the world's true source of suffering. While elsewhere, the Plutonian and his revived sidekick take a trip down memory lane by visiting a couple once very close to the former hero.

Ireedeemable #12 is a great issue is this consistently captivating series with it's great balance of action and drama. Waid's ability to continually draw out the Plutonian's humanity regardless of how sadistic his actions may become is one of this series greatest strengths. Krause and Barreto's art is fantastic issue after issue and this was no exception with their attention to detail from something as minimal as a facial expression to the backgrounds the characters inhabit. The issue's final few pages are worth the price of the book itself and will leave you chomping at the bit for the next installment.

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Peter Krause and Diego Barreto

Rudy T.
Staff Reviewer

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COMIC REVIEW: 28 Days Later #8 (BOOM! Studios)

I love zombie/survival stories, and BOOM! Studios' 28 Days Later is fast climbing to the top of the list. Writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Declan Shalvey keep me intrigued issue after issue. It has it all: infected people, normal people running from infected people, and best of all, normal people killing infected people.

We pick up where we left off last issue, with Selena and Clint trying to make it to the pharmacy, with Douglas in tow. Nelson doesn't wait to start the action, and like most good zombie stories, it begins with a bunch of infected crashing through a window. The whole issue is one long chase sequence in the very best way. Selena kicks major ass (girl power!) on every page, and Clint makes a great partner. The story wraps up with a couple of characters learning a very valuable lesson. If you want to know who and what that lesson is, well, you've got to pick up the book.

I look forward to seeing this one on BOOM!'s list of new releases every month because it's action-packed and well-written. Take it from a girl who loves her zombie stories--this is a can't miss.

Stacey Rader
Review Editor

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TOY NEWS: New Marvel Product Images

Hasbro has released new images of upcoming Marvel toys.

Iron Man 2
o IM2 Mark V
o IM2 Arc Light
o IM2 Armor Tech Juggernaut Upgrade
o IM2 Armor Tech Negative Zone Upgrade
o IM2 Armor Tech Shockwave Mission
o IM2 Comic Series Iron Man
o IM2 Fusion Armor
o IM2 Guardsman
o IM2 Hulkbuster
o IM2 IM Micro Heads Playset
o IM2 Inferno Mission Armor
o IM2 Iron Man Mark VI Micro Playset
o IM2 Iron Man (B)
o IM2 Iron Man (C)
o IM2 Iron Man
o IM2 Iron Monger Micro Heads Playset
o IM2 Machine Drone
o IM2 Mark IV
o IM2 Mark V
o IM2 Mark V Suitcase
o IM Mark VI
o IM2 Mark VI Power Glow
o IM2 Mark VI (B)
o IM2 Mark VI (C)
o IM2 Racer Cycle
o IM2 Racer Quad
o IM2 Red Vortex
o IM2 Repulsor Power IM Mark VI
o IM2 Rocket Boost Iron Man
o IM2 Round Arc Light
o IM2 Turbo Racer
o IM2 War Machine (C)
o IM2 War Machine (B)
o IM2 War Machine Micro Playset
o IM2 War Machine
o IM2 Whiplash

Marvel Figures
o MVL AIM Soldier
o MVL Archangel
o MVL Colossus
o MVL Havok
o MVL Juggernaut
o MVL Kitty Pryde
o MVL Secret Wars #4
o MVL Secret Wars #7
o MVL Secret Wars #8
o MVL Secret Wars #9
o MVL Secret Wars #10
o MVL Secret Wars #11
o MVL Secret Wars #12
o MVL TF Crossover Black Spiderman
o MVL TF Crossover Iron Man
o MVL U Iron Man

Spider Man
o S-M Air Assault Hobgoblin
o S-M Blast Armor
o S-M Hero Spider-Man Glider
o S-M Mega Arms
o S-M Power Armor Doc Ock
o S-M Shockproof
o S-M Spider Vision
o S-M Web Jet
o S-M Web Splashers
o S-M Web-Slinging
o S-M ZoomNGo Quad Cruiser
o S-M ZoomNGo Street Spider

Super Hero Squad
o SHS Abomination and Thor
o SHS Battle for Doom’s Castle
o SHS Claw Cruiser
o SHS Hawkeye Cap’t America S-M Wrecker
o SHS IM2 Armor Evolutions
o SHS IM2 Armor Wars Pt. I
o SHS IM2 Armor Wars Pt. II
o SHS IM2 Final Battle
o SHS Reptil and Dr. Doom
o SHS Scarlet Witch and S-M
o SHS Shocker and S-M
o SHS Skrull Soldier IM Dr. Strange Mr. Fantastic
o SHS S-M and Bullseye
o SHS Spider Splasher
o SHS S-M Vulture
o SHS THorbuster IM and Thor
o SHS Tigra and S-M
o SHS Web Wheels
o SHS Wolverine and Silver Samurai
o SHS X-Men Danger Room


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