Monday, December 28, 2009

Toy Review: Retro Action DC Super Heroes Green Arrow Figure (Mattel)

I grew up in the 70's, and in the 70's, the action figures to have were Megos. World's Greatest Super-Heroes was the line to buy. Multiple points of articulation, real cloth costumes, and accessories, these were the action figures to have. 8 inches of super-hero glory. Just couldn't beat it.

Now Mattel has decided to bring the Megos back with their Retro Action Super Heroes, starting with Green Arrow. This reviewer is just a happy camper. Let's see why.

First here's a side by side look at the original Mego to the one from Mattel. (Thank you to the Mego Museum for loaning us the Mego pictures)

There are a lot of changes & improvements to this Green arrow figure. The costume is not made from cloth this time around, but rather spandex. There is also greater detail in Mattel's that is closer to the comic version. But there is still a snap in the back to remove the clothing, which is always great for customizers.

With accessories, on the original Mego, the quiver had a belt & 2 arm loops to hold it in place. Mattel's version is an improvement with a strap across Green Arrow's chest. The bow comes with a boxing glove arrow attached to it. And finally, like I remember, that hat is removable.

GA still maintains the same multiple points of articulation and if anything, has been improved. The joints are a lot tighter than I remember.

Green Arrow in the first in a series of other figures, that will include, Superman, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, & Sinestro. Personally can't wait for them to come out, and I hope this line flourishes & grows.

Special thanks to the Mego Museum for allowing us to use their images. Find out more about Megos on their site at

Brian Isaacs
Executive Editor/Owner

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Comic News: The Year of Spider-Man Is 2010


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Masters of the Universe Classics 2009 Top Ten, Part II

On to numbers 8 and 7...

Number 8 Skeletor

February’s figure was the Evil Lord of Destruction himself. In terms of design and deco, MOTUC Skeletor is pretty faithful to his classic 1980’s counterpart. He's got the same monster feet and scalloped forearms (which have found their way into far too many characters this year). He now sports a killer facesculpt which is full of great dry bony detail and painted a vivid acid-green and yellow, although not in the same paint-by-numbers way as the original.

He also comes with a huge Havoc Staff and both the full and half power swords painted in a great mix of dark and metallic purple as well as his bone-and-bat themed armor. In his original issue, he was sculpted with a partially open left hand which could grip his staff up towards the top and was evocative of Skeletor clawing the air in frustration or perhaps casting a spell. In December's reissue this hand was sculped tighter to hold a sword. Read our full review of Skeletor here.

Faker, with Witching Axe of Ruination, not included.

Number 7. Faker

Winner: Best Paint!

Faker is an absolute knockout of a figure and it is all thanks to an outstanding paintjob, for which he won our Best Paint honors this year. He is obviously a repaint of He-Man but because of a great color scheme and paint applications he becomes much more than the cheap repaint he could have been. Photos do not do this Faker justice. Unfortunately, he is somewhat lacking in accessories. If he had Faker versions of all of the He-Man accessories he would be much higher on this list. Read the full review of this figure here.

Patrick Garone
Staff Reviewer

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