Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mattel Q&A For October 15th

Mattel took some time out to answer some questions:

With the legal issues DC Comics is having with using the name of Superboy, are there any plans for a Superboy figure? (Kon-El, Prime, or Superman as a boy)

Yes, we will do “Superboy” figures, but plan to call them things like “Prime” “Superman Clone” or “Kon El” to differentiate.

Will there be more Movie Master Batman figures?

Yes. A new wave of “Kit bashed” figures will be out in January with new sculpts in the spring.

Why are the Movie Masters Thug Figures the same basic figure with different evidence bags? Will you release all the Thug figures with variant heads and bodies and not just different evidence bags?

The first part- to create variants for collectors. The second part, we do have plans for more Thug figures in the future. The line is doing very well.

What is the exact date for the Adam Strange & Starfire 2-pak?

We will have an exact date to announce in November on It will be close to the end of 2008.

With New York Comic Con 1 week before Toy Fair 2009, will we have to wait until Toy Fair to see what’s new?

No. We will have a lot of new product on display at the convention including a very exciting exclusive and other hard to find Mattel product.

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