Thursday, September 18, 2008

Marvel Minimates Enter War Zone!

Looks like Minimates are about to enter a War Zone of their very own! Based on this year's Marvel sequel, the Punisher returns to the Marvel Minimates line with this Punisher: War Zone Minimates Box Set!

Due out on December 5, Punisher: War Zone reunites us with Frank Castle - this time played by Rome's Ray Stevenson - as he embarks on a war of his own against his new nemesis, Jigsaw. Up against the Punisher is mob boss Jigsaw and a literal army of hired goons, thugs and mercenaries dedicated to wiping out the Punisher once and for all!

This set contains Frank Castle, Jigsaw, Assault Punisher and a Mob Thug as well as a wide array of damage-dealing high-powered weaponry perfect for those pesky Minimate mob wars. Each of the two-inch Minimates were sculpted and designed by Art Asylum and feature 14 points of articulation as well as accessories from the upcoming film.

Look for this set in the October issue of Previews at your local comic book store!


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