Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carry Out Order 66 with Series 2 Available Exclusively at Target

One of the greatest turning points in the fall of the Republic is when Order 66 is carried out against the Jedi leaders. Order 66 left the Jedi order in an insurmountable state of disrepair leaving the remaining Jedi scattered across the galaxy and the Republic left in the clutches of Palpatine and the dark side. In the Order 66 series 2 available exclusively at Target, the fateful pairing of Jedi and trooper is captured in the two pack assortment.

Obi-Wan Kenobi & Arc Trooper Commander
Obi-Wan is assisted on many of his missions during the Clone Wars by an ARC trooper commander and his elite supercommandos. Obi-Wan Kenobi was on Utapau defending the galaxy against General Grievous when Order 66 was sent out, charging his forces to eliminate him. Obi-Wan Kenobi barely escaped the planet after his forces turned their focus onto him.

Anakin Skywalker & ARC Trooper
As a general in the Grand Army of the Republic, Anakin commands highly skilled Advanced Recon Clone troopers during the Clone Wars. After Order 66 is executed, Anakin becomes Darth Vader and leads his own troops on a sinister mission for Palpatine.

Tsui Choi & Barc Trooper
Jedi Master Tsui Choi travels to Eriadu at the end of the Clone Wars, encountering a squad of clones including Barc troopers. Tsui Choi was able to survive Order 66 and defend himself against his clone commander and clone troopers. Tsui Choi later went on to reunite with other Jedi survivors, ultimately confronting Darth Vader himself in a futile effort that ends in more Jedi losses.

Emperor Palpatine & Commander Vill
Palpatine sends secret orders to Commander Vill, who is the clone commander of the 501st Legion on New Plympto at the end of the Clone Wars. Palpatine soon takes complete control of the Grand Army of the Republic and begins the reign of the Sith.

Luminara Unduli & AT-RT Driver
Luminara is a Jedi General sent to Kashyyyk in the final days of the Clone Wars with a squad of clone troopers including AT-RT drivers. Luminara fought against outnumbering droid forces in the days leading up to Order 66 and was betrayed by her own forces when the order was issued. Luminara did not survive the unexpected occurrence of the secret order.

Master Sev & Arc Trooper
Master Sev is a Jedi General in command of clone troopers aboard a Republic attack cruiser during the end of the Clone Wars. He was able to hold off the fire of his own clone troopers until he was overcome by the sheer number of his own forces and did not survive Order 66.

Relive the moments before Order 66 was carried out when a Jedi and troopers worked seamlessly and side by side in the defense of democracy and the Republic. Earn the ranking of a Jedi general and command your own troops but be wary of the power of the dark side. Collect all six of the Order 66 Series 2 available from Target.

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newuniversal Returns For A Second Season

In a world experiencing superhuman powers for the first time, four heroes have risen—but now it’s time for chaos to erupt as more discover their abilities! The acclaimed newuniversal, from award-winning scribe Warren Ellis (Thunderbolts, upcoming Astonishing X-Men) and rising star Steve Kurth (Last Of The Mohicans) present newuniversal: shockfront #1 (of 6), a gripping new series that’ll leave you on the edge of your seats. As Starbrand, Nighthawk, Justice and Cipher continue to deal with their new powers—and the people hunting them down—similarly gifted individuals appear. But will they be a force for good or evil?

Wrapped up in a gorgeous cover by Brandon Peterson, newuniversal: shockfront #1 sets the Earth on a collision course with its destiny—but will these new superhumans be the planet’s saviors or its doom?

newuniversal: shockfront #1 (of 6) (MAR082216)
Penciled by STEVE KURTH
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—4/24/08, On-Sale—5/14/08


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