Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comic News: Boom Studios for 2/3/10

Boom Studios has released previews for their books coming out on February 3rd.

Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Declan Shalvey
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Tim Bradstreet
COVER B: Sean Phillips
Diamond Code: OCT090769

Selena, Derrick and Clint have set their sights on London. Selena has survived one war with The Infected but can she make it through a second time? They’ve got a machete that’s hacked its share of infected and a gun with only nine bullets. Ammo, and time, is running out…

Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Francesco Biagini
SC, 24 pgs, FC, (3 of 4) SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Francesco Biagini
COVER B: Paul Harmon
Diamond Code: DEC090731
Preview Pack: Covers + First 5 pages

On the brink of a watery grave, Dingo must gather his strength, his wits and his daring to recover the box from his murderous chex-wife! With his family’s legacy at stake, Dingo discovers help from the most unlikely, most terrifying source… A supernatural crime story in the vein of 100 BULLETS — from the writer of the hit series’ HEXED and FALLS OF CTHULHU.

Written by Giorgio Salati
Drawn by Roberta Migheli
COVER A & B: Magic Eye Studios
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $2.99
Diamond Code: NOV090686

Bursting from the pages of Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories comes Disney’s Hero Squad in its own ongoing series! Super Goof! The Duck Avenger! Eega Beeva! The Red Bat! Disney’s mightiest in their own book, because you demanded it!

Written by Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Echert
Drawn by Sheldon Vella
SC, 24 pgs, FC, (5 of 6) SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Sheldon Vella
Diamond Code: DEC090737

In the land of Sight and Sound music has slowly been disappearing. Country, Rock, Pop…it’s all been going silent. Kill Audio is about to uncover the conspiracy that reveals all, but will he do it before his friends are taken down by the villain that is creating all this chaos?

Written by Jesse Blaze Snider
Drawn by Nathan Watson
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $2.99
Cover A & B: Nathan Watson
Diamond Code: OCT090806

Back by popular demand! This October sees the historic re-release of TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2 in 3-D with TOY STORY 3 coming out next summer. And now… it’s an ongoing series from BOOM! Kids. Following up on the hit mini-series, issue one of this new ongoing features all new, never before seen original stories with your favorite Disney/Pixar’s TOY STORY characters. The Toys are back in town!

Writen by Stefano Ambrosio
Drawn by Alessandro & Lorenzo Pastrovicchio
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $2.99
Covers A & B: Magic Eye Studios
Diamond Code: NOV090699

The epic WIZARDS OF MICKEY tale continues here in its own ongoing series! Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy continue to struggle in the Grand Wizard’s tournament, determined to win back the Diamagic from Peg-Leg Pete the Great! But who is the mysterious master that pulls Pete’s strings?

Written by Carl Barks, Izomar C. Guilherme, Daan Jippes, Bob Karp, Floyd Gottfredson , Romano Scarpa
Drawn by Al Taliaferro, Carl Barks, Daan Jippes, Floyd Gottfredson, Euclides K. Miyaura, Irineu Soares Rodriguesm , Romano Scarpa
HC, 112 pgs, FC, SRP: $24.99
ISBN13: 9781608865499

Love is in the air for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the rest of the gang. But will Cupid’s arrows cause happiness or heartache? Find out in this collection of classic stories featuring all your most beloved characters from the magical world of Walt Disney! Featuring work by Carl Barks , Floyd Gottfredson, Daan Jippes, Romano Scarpa and Al Taliaferro and more!. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift!


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