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5 Quick Questions with Marc Andreyko

Marc Andreyko is a comic book and screenplay writer, known for writing the 2000s ongoing series Manhunter for DC Comics.

Andreyko co-wrote the limited series Torso with Brian Michael Bendis, for which he was nominated for the Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize Awarded by the Audience and the Prize for Scenario (script) in 2003. He and Bendis are working with Paramount Pictures on a film adaptation of the work.

He co-created with P. Craig Russell, an Eisner- and Harvey-winning one-shot for Marvel Comics featuring Dr. Strange entitled What Is It That Disturbs You, Stephen?

In 1997 he co-created (with Jay Geldhof and Galen Showman) The Lost, a Harvey-nominated comics mini-series which continued the story of Peter Pan in modern times, with the protagonist presented as an amoral vampiric boy prostitute.

He has written comics for other publishers, including Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, and Todd McFarlane Productions/Image Comics.

In 2004 he began writing DC Comics' Manhunter series, relaunching it with a third volume, in which he introduced the character of Kate Spencer and her supporting cast.

Recent work includes The Ferryman for Wildstorm, created by Joel Silver, with artist Jonathon Wayshak.

He agreed to answer 5 Quick Questions.

1) What would you say is your greatest achievement in comics?

"Greatest" is an intimidating word, but my proudest accomplishment would have to be Manhunter (thanks in no small part to great collaborators the whole way!).

2) Who was your favorite writer or artist that you worked with & why?

Can't just limit it to one. In my humble career, I have been continuously blessed to work with great folks. I mean, do you choose when you've gotten to work with P. Craig Russell, Jill Thompson, Jay Geldhof, Richard Corben, Joe Bennett, Brian Bendis, Jesus Saiz, Michael Gaydos, to name just a few!

3) What character you have never worked .., would you like to do & why?

Cloak and Dagger - So much untold potential. I'd love to see if I could make 'em the marquee names they should be.

Titans/Teen Titans - The Wolfman/Perez era is such an influence, I'd love to get to actually play with them!

And if Bill Willingham ever needs somebody, I would KILL to do a Bigby Wolf mini-series!:) hint, hint, hint!lol

4) Who are your influences?

In comics? Lots: Will Eisner, Alan Moore, Bill Mantlo, Marv Wolfman, Stan Lee, Claremont and Byrne (X-Men and FF days), Scott McCloud, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, and dozens I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment...

5) What hero or villain would you like to change if you could and why?

I'd love to work on the Demon (in fact, I actually have a pitch almost ready to go!)

Dr. Strange needs some help, too. I would love to make him more involved with humanity. Maybe volunteer at a free clinic. Counter all the big magic moments with some of the banality of everyday life. Wouldn't it be nice to see Stephen go on a date? With a human?:)

But, I wouldn't want to make wholesale changes to any character. The real challenge is finding out what the character is about and making his/her/its past work for the stories you tell now (and ignoring the parts that don't). I'm not big into total ret-con, "everything you knew is wrong" sorta stuff. More often than not, it seems like lazy writing IMHO.

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Adam's Adventures: War Machine #6 (Marvel Comics) Review by Adam P.

Can the fight against injustice be taken too far?

Life is full of injustice, but it's usually accompanied with powerlessness on our behalf to do anything about it. But what if you could do something about it? What if you became permanently fused with War Machine armor? That's the premise of this book. It is also what makes War Machine unique, serving as a meditation on how far we should go to correct injustices, almost to the point where lines between good and evil themselves become blurred.

War Machine #6 begins a new story arc by answering the question: what could a superhero do about those situations? In the middle of this issue there's a simple panel with a soldier pointing a gun at a hysterical child. It's a profoundly disturbing image. It elicits anger, sadness, horror and empathy. But that's one side of the coin: atrocities committed. There's also those who wield power but choose not to use it in the service of good, thus the twin sins of commission and omission. Jim Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine is battling both evils.

War Machine obviously bears more resemblance to a vigilante like the Punisher than to your typical costumed super-hero. The origins of Rhodey's unshakeable sense of injustice are explored thru flashbacks supplied by his grandmother. Decked out in his Sunday best, young Jimmy beats some bullies senseless on his way to church and gets sent to juvie for six months despite his grandmother’s plea to the officer.

One of War Machine's high points is its five-member pit crew, who do a great job of outsmarting the Navajo native superhero American Eagle. I didn't even see their scheme coming. They're likeable and enjoyably imperfect. I'm also in love with Francesco Mattina's covers. I feel he spoils the readers every single issue in what I think are really the best covers of the whole Marvel stable any given month. Coincidentally, to me this cover almost seems to be inspired by the Terminator, with the red glow missing from one of War Machine's eye sockets.

Overall a great read. This book makes you think, while maintaining the expected excitement and thrills of the super hero genre. The book also uses my preferred form of comic book art: striking the ideal balance between beautiful craft and realism. When I read a comic book I want to be transported to another reality, but I still want to be able to suspend my disbelief enough to think that hey, this could have been our world.


Adam P.

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I.M.O. Review: Justice League of America #33 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.

Into the Dark.

We pick up where we left off in the last issue: In the dark. With the recent shakeup events taken place both behind, and within the pages of this series, I am left to wonder in what direction all of this will be heading? I have never seen the JLA at such a low point since the end of the satellite era, and the beginning of the tales from Detroit. But forever the optimist, I hold out that things will get better.

Justice League of America # 33 is the continuation of the story from the previous issue, where the female Dr. Light is on the trail of the cosmic vampire known as Starbreaker. As she continues to follow a very long and dark tunnel, Dr. Light soon emerges half way across the world in Tibet. Once there, she uncovers what Starbreaker's true motives are. Right behind her is the JLA, or what’s left of it, along with a new character for added support. Usually I wouldn’t mind some new blood in the mix, but given the current status of this doppelgangers original incarnation, this addition feels very untimely. And from the reaction Zatanna has, once she realizes this person isn’t who they appear to be, I would feel the exact same way.

As the story unfolds, and once the JLA manage to locate Dr. Light, an even bigger mystery begins to develop. We are presented with another twist on an old situation involving parallel worlds colliding, and the fate of those who wish to protect or destroy them.

I only hope that the JLA will soon find its way back from this darkness, and something better does come to light


Eddie R.
Review Editor

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Retro Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine Returns

If you were a kid around 1984, odds are you saw an advert for the Peanuts Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine. Its distinctive design resulted in a popular toy in which, as far as I can tell, Snoopy joined both Devo and the food service industry. Preserving the original character art, this reissue of the old toy retains the same functionality, which is satisfying your uncontrollable urge for a snow cone! This set should have everything you need but the ice. You're going to have to find a way to make that yourself. Perhaps you can mine some from the wilds of the Arctic Ocean, for example.

Believe your eyes-- the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine is back! First introduced in America in 1979, the ever-popular Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine is a unique product that gives you and your family the ability to transform simple ice cubes into delicious and colorful Sno-cones, bringing the yummy taste of real snow cones into your very own kitchen. You'll have heaps of fun making tasty treats with Snoopy and his friends. Includes Sno-cone maker, 1 syrup bottle, 1 package of cherry Fla-Vor-Aid mix, 3 paper cups, and an ice scoop. It even comes in the retro-style packaging! Measures 14 1/4-inches tall x 12 3/4-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches long.

Snow cones are cold desserts typically made of packed, shaved ice flavored with colored, sugary, often fruit-flavored syrup. They are served like an ice cream cone or in a dish for eating with a spoon. Another variation (called a "stuffed" snow cone) includes a layer of soft-serve vanilla ice cream inside.

The Retro Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine Returns


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5 Quick Questions with Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen is a comic book artist who has worked for DC Comics and WildStorm since 2000. He has since worked on such titles as Jet with Dan Abnett, Wildcats v3.0 with Joe Casey, Batman with Judd Winick, Manifest Eternity with Scott Lobdell, and the latest revamp of The Authority, The Authority: Revolution, with Ed Brubaker. Recently, he was the artist on a six-issue arc of Superman/Batman entitled "Torment", with writer Alan Burnett.

With issue #840, Nguyen became the regular ongoing artist with writer Paul Dini on one of DC's flagship titles, Detective Comics. He enjoys playing Street Fighter.

He agreed to answer 5 Quick Questions

1) What would you say is your greatest achievement in comics?

I'd have to say being able to make a steady living doing it- so far would be my greatest achievement, I'm very grateful for that.

2) Who was your favorite writer or artist that you worked with & why?

Probably would have to be Derek Fridolfs who inks the books we're on, we broke in together, we see eye to eye and sort of have the same mindset for things creatively and professionally.

3) What character you have never worked .., would you like to do & why?

I'd like to take a shot at Power Power one day, they've always been my favorite team and I'd love a crack at a teen/kid book that has more family dynamics than the usual teen drama.

4) Who are your influences?

It has varied throughout my career, but the ones that have never changed has always been Travis Charest, Mike Mignola, and Hiroaki Samura.

5) What hero or villain would you like to change if you could and why?

I'd like to make killer croc a good guy, a misunderstood creature or some sort. Just kidding, but it'd be funny for a day.

Check out Dustin's site at

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Clone Commandos DVD Announced

Warner Home Video announced the release of the next Star Wars: The Clone Wars DVD

The "Clone Wars" goes back to the original Star Wars film when Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke Skywalker that he was once a Jedi knight the same as your father and that they fought together in the Clone Wars. Since that moment fans have been obsessed with what the clone wars were. This new TV series takes place immediately after the events of Star Wars-Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The series follows Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker and introduces us to some new characters such as Ahsoka Tano a girl Jedi knight as well as characters we already know.

Aspect Ratio: 16 X 9 LETTERBOX

Storm over Ryloth
Innocents of Ryloth
Liberty of Ryloth

Release Date: 9/15/09


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I.M.O. Review: Justice Society of America # 27 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.

Ghosts of the past.

When I started reading comics, one of the first monthly titles I got hooked on was Infinity Inc. To me it felt like this was my version of the JSA. They were all second generation heroes who just wanted to follow in their elders footsteps. It seems kind of ironic today at how the struggle those heroes had to go through, in order to be accepted by the older generation, paved the way for heroes like Stargirl and Cyclone to join the ranks of the JSA almost effortlessly. But if you know your history, you will understand why this happened.

Justice Society of America #27 opens with Albert Rothstein, also known as Atom Smasher, having a drink with fellow Ex- Infinity Inc member Mr. Bones. The meeting between these two is more than what it seems,because soon after when Atom Smasher leaves the bar with Stargirl and Cyclone, Mr. Bones is seen contacting a certain agency about his "subjects" being unaware about certain G.P.A activity.

Meanwhile, Stargirl fills Atom Smasher in on how Hourman had one of his one hour “future flashes”, where he saw his wife, Liberty Belle, die. Unfortunately no one is able to enter the JSA headquarters in order to protect her. This is due to Obsidian enveloping the building in darkness, going into lockdown mode, and saying an evil presence is near and wishes to enter the building in order to attack the JSA members inside. The heroes both on the outside and inside of the building try to reason with Obsidian, believing it might be just him having another breakdown, and choose to ignore his warnings. It’s this “trust issue” which I find to be the JSA’s biggest weakness right now. And this adventure exploits it quite well.

Just then, a stranger collapses right outside the front entrance of the building and Mr. Terrific runs to help. But this act of kindness turns into something more sinister once Stargirl gets involved. Soon this evil presence manages to gain entry into the JSA headquarters, and once inside, proceeds to abduct five of the JSA members and transports them to a limbo of sorts. When the spirit does make its identity known, it is someone who will be very familiar to those who read the All- Star Squadron back into 80’s. The reasons why this villain was chosen remains a mystery to me? The team has confronted some amazing villains over their long existence, but this one is not a real stand out.

With the rest of the remaining JSAers trying to figure out what’s going on, and where their missing teammates might be, a familiar Spirit of Vengeance intervenes. He tells the group in order to save the missing five, those who are willing to be judged must go with him to make matters right.

If anything, it’s nice to see this ghost from the past come to haunt the JSA.


Eddie R
Review Editor

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Meet the creators of Rapture!

Hello Pacific Northwest Comic Fans,

Tomorrow is your chance to meet the legendary Mike Oeming and Taki Soma as they sign in support of their new series Rapture!

The pair will be at The Comic Stop in Redmond, WA from Noon to 3:00pm tomorrow, May 30th.

Don’t miss your chance to meet one of the most respected creators in modern comics!

More details available by clicking here.


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I.M.O. Review: Green Lantern # 41 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.

Give and take.

If there was a common theme throughout this month’s issue of Green lantern, it would be give and take. And what was given and what was taken will certainly have readers talking. I guess it really is always the darkest before the dawn.

We open Green Lantern # 41 in the middle of the interrogation of Hal Jordan by Larfleeze, a.k.a. Agent Orange. Hal knows he needs to stall for time until his backup arrives, so he strikes a deal with Larfleeze. So what kind of deal does Hal make? Try a story in exchange for the Blue Powering Larfleeze covets so much. What kind of story you may wonder? Well the story Larfleeze begins to tell will both be quite revealing and shocking to the readers, depending on which side you’re on. But what is clear is the events told by Larfleeze will have you taking a second look at past GL history in a new light. I certainly did.

Meanwhile, up above on the surface of Okaara, both the Lanterns and the Guardians themselves are continuing to fight with the Orange Agents of Larfleeze. During the battle, the timely arrival of a member of the Star Sapphires saves a certain GL. But will he need to be rescued again from what she has planned for him?

We then move to the planet Ungara, where we see Sinestro paying his respects to someones grave. Soon he is contacted by one of his former Sinestro Corps members, and informed some of the captured members of his Corps still possess their yellow power rings on Zamaron. This sets into motion a plan of attack which will strike at the heart of the Star Sapphires.

In space sector 666, we join GLC member Ash, who has been on the trail of the missing corpse of the Anti- Monitor for 23 days now. Taking time out to write a letter to his deceased wife, on what would be their 10th anniversary together, Ash spends this occasion paying homage to her memory in a very fitting tribute.

Finally we return to where we began in this story. As Larfleeze finishes his tale, he tries to claim what was promised to him. When he seems unable to, Larfleeze takes matters into his own hands, and gets what he wants in the end. But will it be more than what he bargained for? I am sure some of us would give their right hand to find out.


Eddie R.
Review Editor.

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Fangoria calls 'Zombies That Ate the World' 'refreshingly original'

Fangoria loves horror and zombies, and they also love DDP/Humanoids Zombies That Ate the World.

In his review this month, writer Mike Fish admitted that zombies are a crowded genre of storytelling lately, but praised Jerry Frissen and Guy Davis' original take:

"There’s no zombie horde chasing someone, no worldwide panic, and no end in sight. Instead, life moved on and seemingly adapted the zombie plague. Kinda strange, but also refreshingly original in a played-out subgenre."

Ask for Zombies That Ate the World from your local retailer, or fill in the gaps in your run with back issues from the
DDP webstore!


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

TRANSFORMERS Fans Invade Southern California as New Toy Line Storms Toy Aisles Nationwide

TRANSFORMERS Convention in Pasadena coincides with launch of new TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN movie toys

The 2009 TRANSFORMERS fan convention, which is in Pasadena on May 28 to 31, is destined to be one of the biggest and most exciting TRANSFORMERS gatherings ever!

In addition to celebrating Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS brand’s 25th anniversary and anticipating the June 24th debut of DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, new toys and merchandise from the second movie in the franchise go on-sale from coast to coast beginning Saturday morning, May 30th.

The convention, which is known as “BotCon” (with syllables taken from the two TRANSFORMERS factions AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS), is annually the largest official gathering of TRANSFORMERS fans in the world and is open to both TRANSFORMERS collectors and non-collectors — and the young and young-at-heart.

BotCon will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center located at 300 East Green Street in Pasadena, Calif., and will be open to the public on May 30 – 31. Special activities are planned on May 28 – 29 for attendees who purchase multi-day packages.

On Saturday, May 30th, kids ages 5 to 14 will be able to participate in the TRANSFORMERS Challenge, which will award prizes based on how quickly kids can convert TRANSFORMERS toys from robot mode to vehicle mode. Kids may qualify in the preliminary round from 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., with the fastest competitors moving on to the semi-final and final rounds that will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. All kids participating will receive a TRANSFORMERS toy, and the fastest kids in both the senior and junior age division will receive a gift card worth $500. Official rules are posted on

Additionally, BotCon attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to draw TRANSFORMERS characters from Hasbro’s designers, see toys in the new 2009 TRANSFORMERS toy line, buy, sell, and trade TRANSFORMERS toys from throughout the franchise’s 25-year history at more than 200 tables of merchandise, and attend panel discussions and seminars led by TRANSFORMERS experts. Special activities for kids will be held throughout the weekend in the Hasbro booth.

For fans not able to make it to southern California this weekend, they can head to their favorite toy retailer and be among the first to purchase the new toys based on the upcoming movie TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. Highlights from the line include:

• BUMBLEBEE MOVIE VOICE MIXER: In the 2007 TRANSFORMERS movie, BUMBLEBEE was a scene-stealer and an instant favorite among kids and long-time TRANSFORMERS fans. Now, kids can pretend to be the fun-loving AUTOBOT character BUMBLEBEE with a role-playing helmet. The toy allows kids to mix their voice through a “radio” and also features realistic robot battle sounds and “radio” tune-in phrases to add authenticity to the play experience. Recommended for ages 5 and up, with an approximate retail price of $39.99.

• TRANSFORMERS MOVIE CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR: The largest and most powerful foe the AUTOBOTS will encounter in this summer’s TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is sure to be DEVASTATOR, a monstrous DECEPTICON robot made up of six separate construction vehicles known as the CONSTRUCTICONS. The TRANSFORMERS MOVIE CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR allows kids to re-create the film’s awesome action sequences. Recommended for ages 5 and up, with an approximate retail price of $99.99.

• TRANSFORMERS MOVIE FIGURES: For more than 25 years, TRANSFORMERS action figures have been known for their “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE” play pattern, with robots converting into vehicles, and then back to robots again. In 2009, TRANSFORMERS movie action figures featuring the new film’s most popular characters will be available in three scales: DELUXE, VOYAGER (larger scale), and LEADER (largest scale and includes lights and sounds). Recommended for ages 5 and up the DELUXE figures have approximate retail prices of $12.99, VOYAGER figures have approximate retail prices of $22.99 and LEADER figures have approximate retail prices of $44.99.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be a TRANSFORMERS fan and collector than now,” said Brian Savage, director of the TRANSFORMERS Collectors’ Club. “Fans worldwide are buzzing about the upcoming live-action movie TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and its toy line. Collectors are excited about the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE toy line that celebrates 25 years of ROBOTS IN DISGUISE and features many much-loved classic ‘bots from the brand’s origin. And kids continue to love the action figures from the popular TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED series on Cartoon Network.”

BotCon general admission sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31. (On Saturday, doors are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; on Sunday, doors are open from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). Special multi-day packages and exclusive TRANSFORMERS products are available on a limited basis. General admission for adults (13 & up) is $15 and for children (12 & under) is $8. Children will be admitted for free with the purchase of an adult admission. Additional information can be found at or by calling 817-448-9863.

For 25 years, Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) has provided kids with hours of MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE action with figures that convert from vehicle to robot and back again. Millions of boys around the world grew up creating fantastic adventures and battles featuring heroic AUTOBOTS, such as OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE, clashing with the evil DECEPTICONS, led by MEGATRON. The brand’s popularity became cemented in the pop culture’s upper stratosphere following the 2007 release of the first live-action TRANSFORMERS movie, from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, in association with Hasbro. The blockbuster film, directed by Michael Bay and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, grossed more than $700 million worldwide at the box office, and TRANSFORMERS merchandise generated more than $480 million in sales that year. On June 24, 2009, fans will experience the next chapter of TRANSFORMERS when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits theaters worldwide.

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5 Quick Questions with Duncan Roulean

Duncan Rouleau is an American comic book writer and artist, and is a part of the Man of Action collective of creators (along with Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle), who created the series Ben 10, currently airing on Cartoon Network.

Rouleau has illustrated a variety of popular American comic books for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and other publishers. He recently illustrated, and co-wrote, the 8-issue miniseries of The Metal Men in 2007 by DC Comics.

In 2006, Rouleau released his first original graphic novel, The Nightmarist, published by Active Images.

He agreed to answer 5 Quick Questions:

1) What would you say is your greatest achievement in comics?

As far as "greatest achievement" I suppose I should leave that to others to decide. I know that I am extremely proud of the work that I am doing presently From the graphic novel The Nightmarist to the Metal Men mini series and the book I'm doing right now The Great Unknown. I am also proud to have worked on both Uncanny X Men as well as Action Comics Superman.

2) Who was your favorite writer or artist that you worked with & why?

Different people have taught me so many things. The other guys in Man of Action ( Joe Kelly, Joe Casey and Steve Seagle) are the ones that have constantly pushed me to do better. I was extremely proud to have George Perez and Terry Austin ink my pencils. The reason well - they are both legends.

3) What character you have never worked .., would you like to do & why?

I am really enjoying working on my own titles right now, and will probably concentrate on those for the time being. However having said that - I would like to get my hands on some Spiderman.

4) Who are your influences?

I'm unsure. I love Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Alex Toth to name a few. I don't think i draw like any of them however.

5) What hero or villain would you like to change if you could and why?

I think there are too many mutants in the world. I would like to go back and put a cap on that.

Check out Duncan at his site

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Spider-Man Gets Caught In the Dark Reign Today!

The events of Dark Reign finally catch up to Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #595, on sale now! Acclaimed writer Joe Kelly and fan favorite artist Phil Jimenez begin the hotly anticipated “American Son” as the web crawler takes on his most dangerous mission yet!

Can Wolverine, fellow member of the New Avengers, help Spider-Man take down Norman Osborn? J Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker are…cousins!? Harry Osborn deals with a recent heart break and his father’s machinations; will demons of times past come back to haunt him? What role do Norman’s Dark Avengers play in this family reunion?

For a look behind the scenes of “American Son”, including all-new art plus commentary by Kelly and Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker, check out the Spider-Man: American Son Sketchbook. It’s free, courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, right here:

Critics are raving about the new storyline!

“Joe Kelly clearly understands who all of the book's characters are, and how they relate to one another…Kelly balances the various elements of the book well…”-- David Wallace,

“Joe Kelly writes a brilliant Peter Parker story – and that’s what American Son at this early stage appears to be, an arc focusing heavily on the man behind the mask, and that is always more fun in my opinion”—Joe Kelly,

Amazing Spider-Man #594

Head over to your local comic shop and pick up Amazing Spider-Man #595—in stores now!

American Son Part 1
Written by JOE KELLY
Pencils & Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
Rated A …$2.99

American Son Part 2
Written by JOE KELLY
Rated A …$2.99

American Son Part 3
Written by JOE KELLY
Rated A …$2.99

American Son Part 4
Written by JOE KELLY
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—5/28/09, On-Sale—6/17/09


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Collection of groundbreaking limited series includes exclusive extras by Stan Lee, Greg Pak and new short story detailing a real-world Holocaust survivor’s story, on sale now!

On May 28, Marvel Comics will release the highly anticipated X-Men: Magneto Testament hard cover, a collection of the five-issue critically acclaimed limited series from the fan favorite team of New York Times Best-Selling Author Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk, Incredible Hercules) and Carmine Di Giandomenico. This collector’s edition hard cover will be jam-packed with amazingly powerful extras, including a story never before published, and arrives with a suggested retail price of $24.99.
Today, the whole world knows him as Magneto, the most radical champion of mutant rights that mankind has ever seen. But in 1935, he was just another schoolboy -- who happened to be Jewish in Nazi Germany. The definitive origin story for one of Marvel's greatest icons begins with a silver chain and a crush on a girl -- then quickly turns into a harrowing struggle for survival against the inexorable machinery of Hitler's Final Solution.

Extras in the X-Men: Magneto Testament hard cover include a comprehensive End Notes and Teachers Guide, Afterward by Greg Pak, Afterward by iconic Marvel creator Stan Lee and brand new cover by legendary artist Joe Kubert.

Additionally, X-Men: Magneto Testament collects the short story The Last Outrage, written by Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, and illustrated by comic book luminaries Neal Adams & Joe Kubert. Learn the true life story of Dina Babbit, a Holocaust survivor who was forced by Nazis to paint portraits during her captivity in Auschwitz, and her continuing struggle with a Polish museum to reclaim her works from their possession.

Fans and critics agree—X-Men: Magneto Testament is one of the most important graphic novel achievements to date. named this the “Best Mini Series of the Year” for 2008. Don’t miss X-Men: Magneto Testament , the book IGN deemed “easily one of the best products Marvel has put out this decade”, wherever books are sold.

Written by GREG PAK
Parental Advisory …$24.99


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You've seen G.I. JOE: RESOLUTE - now hear from the filmmakers themselves!

Recently, hundreds of fans submitted their own questions and comments to the show’s creative team (Joaquim Dos Santos - Director, Dan Norton - Lead Background & Prop Designer, Steve Drucker - Executive Producer).

We sat down with all three and asked them our favorite questions among those submitted.

Check back to today and watch the exclusive Hasbro video interview!

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Ghostbuster Minimates Found in the Amazon Jungle!

Video game enemies need love too! I mean, who wouldn’t want these updated monsters?

The 4pk includes:

The crazed pizza thrower: Chef

The “I like to burn things” Archietect

The Constatnly Misspelled Azeltor

And the Always Dirty Slime Monster!

Here’s your first look at the fantastic packaging


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Trapp's Rap - Buffy without Joss Whedon???

Click Here to go to the website containing the article below

With vampire boyfriends on everyone’s wish list, it’s not surprising that Hollywood looks to reviving one of its legendary slayers. Not that we would mind of course, as who doesn’t want Buffy to return and save us from the undead? The real question is: does anyone want Buffy without her creator, Joss Whedon?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are plans to bring Buffy back to the big screen without Whedon’s participation. Instead, it will be a relaunch handled by the director of the 1992 film, Fran Rubel Kuzui, and her husband Kaz Kuzui, along with Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment. It would have no connection to Whedon’s legendary television series, or to its comic book continuation, but would instead “reboot” the story from the very beginning in order to not upset the series’ die hard fans.

Is this what fans want? Ever since “Buffy” went off the air, they’ve been clamoring for a return of the Buffy they know; one who would bring Angel, Spike, Xander, Dawn and Willow along with her. The comic book series has pleased some fans, but the majority are hungry for a television or big screen movie that would continue from where “Buffy” and its spin-off “Angel” left off. While the producers told THR that it’s possible Whedon could become involved, the article also states that Kuzui and company seem determined to take Buffy “into a new place” by themselves. Will their approach bring in a new audience, or will they alienate fans and newcomers alike?

So yeah, I'm not sure what to think of this. Even though Joss Whedon wrote the original Buffy movie back in 1992, I still trust Whedon more to do the film right. But getting the director of that 1992 film, Fran Rubel Kuzui, that just makes me a little worried about how the film will be done. But according to the article, it sounds like they want to do some type of a revamping of the most popular vampire slayer of all time. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about giving directors a chance to bring their own interpretation to a very established character, but I just don't know, this really does worry me! I hope I'm not the only one worried about this.

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BOOM! Studios announced today that THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2, one of the premiere titles for their new BOOM! Kids imprint, has sold out in only one week!

This follows on the heels of simultaneous pre-release sell outs for THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #1 and THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #1, as well as sell outs of CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 and THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #2.

Fans should keep in mind, while Diamond Comics Distributors is completely sold out, THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2 first printing may still be found at a direct market retailer near you.

Diamond Comics Distributors is making the second printing of THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2 available for retailers to order immediately and the second print will be featured in a forthcoming issue Diamond Dateline.

THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2 second print (APR098203) features a brand new cover by interior artist Marcio Takara and will hit store shelves late-June.

THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2 features all new INCREDIBLES stories written by legendary comic book scribe Mark Waid and drawn by Marcio Takara. The first printing of issue #2 of the fan-favorite series shipped with two variant covers, with cover A by Sean Galloway and cover B by Marcio Takara. The first printing of THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #2 also features a hard-to-find Kirby-inspired C cover from GODLAND artist Tom Scioli!

THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS has seen rave reviews from all quarters:

"Waid and Takara have done a really solid job with this series...The dialogue, pacing and action give it exactly the right feel." -- The Scoop

"THE INCREDIBLES is great as both an all-ages book, and a super hero tale." -- Project Fanboy

"This is a great book for younger readers. It stays true to the spirit of the movie, and Marcio Takara’s art is dynamic and alive on every single page" -- The Longbox Chronicles

"If you’re looking for a fun book that the kids and you can enjoy, or if you’re just a big Incredibles fan, this is definitely worth your time." -- read/RANT!

"The story’s a fast, easy read, with solid writing... The art is stellar and matches the Pixar animation of the movie in aces.... Overall, it’s good, clean fun for the whole family to enjoy and an outstanding title to use as a gateway into the world of comics for kids." -- Fandomania

BOOM! Studios announced the launch of their new imprint, “BOOM! Kids” in late March. BOOM! Kids serves as a child-appropriate home for BOOM!’s kid-friendly publishing content. The company’s new imprint includes its own website, The premiere books for this imprint include THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #1, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #1, both released on March 25th, and CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 released April 1st.

All BOOM! Kids’ titles will be serialized as individual 24 page comic books in Direct Market comic book collector shops and newsstands, then each four issue complete story will be collected into graphic novel trade paperbacks available in the mass market via Borders, Barnes & Noble and the direct market as well.

Recently, BOOM! Studios announced a national newsstand distribution agreement with Kable Distribution Services, Inc. for the BOOM! Kids line of the monthly publication to the newsstand market.

For additional information, see


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


There have been numerous complaints across the web about the poor distribution of the DC Universe figures.

One of the major gripes was the infamous Wave 5, otherwise known as the Wal-Mart wave. (Personally, I'm still looking for Atom & Black Lightning)

People are too quick to blame Mattel, when they don't know the entire story, nor do they want to.

I've explained before on how distribution works (see the article "Toy Distribution 101"), but it doesn't seem like anyone wanted to hear what I was saying.

I for one am sick & tired of all the complaining from the fanboys.

All they do is complain, safe behind their computers, & not take any action.

So I decided to call Wal-Mart and find out what the deal is.

Here are the details of my conversation.

I started out by calling Wal-Mart's Media Relations department.

I spoke to a representative who was extremely helpful.

I asked the rep some questions & concerns I had.

The rep, in turn, presented them to Wal-Mart's buyer of the Mattel DC Universe figures.

The rep got back to me with some answers:

Wal-Mart does not carry DCU in all of their stores.

There are only 1800 stores that carry this line, & they are mainly located in the South & Mid-West.

That means that those of us in the Northeast,Northwest, & the West Coast are pretty much screwed.

Wal-Mart considers this line a collector's item and not a heavy license line like Transformers or Star Wars.

Because of this, they don't order high quantities and it causes the Wal-Mart stores to limit how much peg space they dedicate to DCU.

So what YOU can do?

There are a couple of things you can do.

First, talk to your local Wal-Mart store manager.

Tell them you would like the store to carry them.

They might be able to get some in.

Second, call Wal-Mart customer service 1-800-925-6278.

you want your local Wal-Mart to carry them.

With Wave 10 being another Wal-Mart wave, there's going to a lot of disappointed fans.

So call Wal-Mart & tell them how you feel.

Maybe if we all rattle their cages, Wal-Mart will get the hint, order more product, and stock more stores in different areas.

Finally to finish off, & to be very blunt:



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5 Quick Questions with Elliot S. Maggin

Elliot S. Maggin is an American writer of comic books, film, television and novels. He was a main writer for DC Comics during the Bronze and early Modern ages of comics in the 1970s and 1980s. He is particularly associated with the character of Superman, where he worked on both Action Comics and Superman.

Maggin started working as a professional writer in his teens, selling historical stories about the Boer War to a boys' magazine. He attended Brandeis University, where he wrote a term paper titled "What Can One Man Do?" for a class during his junior year. When it received a grade of B+, Maggin disagreed with the assessment, remade it as a comic book script, and sent his script to DC Comics. It was passed around the DC offices, and Neal Adams chose to draw the script. Though the initial grade was not amended, Maggin became a writer for DC, selling his stories to fund a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Maggin is responsible for a number of innovations in the DC Multiverse. Two that continue to shape the worlds of DC are Superboy-Prime (later given greater definition by Marv Wolfman, Geoff Johns and others) and Lexcorp (later more fully developed by John Byrne and others).

In addition to the hundreds of stories Maggin wrote for the DC comics universe, he has also written television scripts, stories for film, animation and journalistic pieces. Many of them have continued to show his allegiance to comic book characters. He wrote two Superman novels, Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday. He also wrote the novelization of the graphic novel Kingdom Come based on the story by Mark Waid, and a novel featuring the Marvel mutant superhero team Generation X. He has occasionally sold scripts to non-print versions of superheroes, including Spider-Man (1994), X-Men (1992) and Batman: The Animated Series.

Besides his work in comics, he has received compensation for raising horses, skiing instruction, teaching at various high schools and colleges, writing stories for Atari video games, and working on websites. In addition to on-going freelance writing, he currently works as a developmental learning consultant for Kaiser Permanente.

He agreed to answer 5 Quick Questions

1) What would you say is your greatest achievement in comics?

I like to think I put Superman back on track at a crucial time. I saved Superman. Cool, huh? At the time I started writing comics no one seemed much interested in the character. He was old stuff, and DC was institutionally perplexed enough with what to do next that they effectively put their flagship character in the hands of a couple of kids still in college. Mort Weisinger had just retired, leaving the character to his buddy Julie Schwartz who had very little familiarity with him until he did a good deal of research. Denny O’Neil had just finished a good run on Superman, but he just hated working with the character. He felt he had to de-power Superman in order to work with him, and that was kind of off the point so he didn’t have any idea of where to go next – other than back to Batman. Len Wein did some really good stuff, but he was more interested in making up new stuff than in plowing an already mature field. Cary Bates loved Superman, and the chemistry between us was such that we would compete with each other to do stories that were innovative at the same time as they stayed within the tradition of the mythology. We tried to approach the stories as a scholar would approach classical mythological themes, but we placed them squarely in the modern world. Instead of a magic castle or a gingerbread house we’d involve a subway or a skyscraper as a setting. The idea was to place the wonder in the world with which readers were familiar. I wrote a treatment for a Superman movie and had a hand in pushing the company to revive the character in other media. No one really considered my treatment for a film, but it lit a fire under the management to do something new with Superman. So eventually I expanded the treatment as a novel, Superman: Last Son of Krypton, which was marketed with the first Chris Reeve Superman movie. Oh, and I also made up the phrase “Last Son of Krypton,” which people seem to think has been tagged on the character as long as “Man of Steel.”

I must be in an effusive mood. I don’t usually talk about this stuff. Thanks for asking.

2) Who was your favorite writer or artist that you worked with & why?

Obviously my favorite writer with whom to work was Cary. I didn’t really work with a lot of other writers. I’ve worked with some of the most significant artists in the field. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I have: Alex Toth. We did only one story together – a Superman-Batman-Luthor free-for-all -- but what I liked about what Alex did was that he was able to translate the intent of my script into the attitudes of the players. I always thought of these characters as just guys interacting with their world, ex officio, hanging out together. That’s the way they talked to each other, and when Alex drew them that was also the way they stood and moved. No one poses for the camera in an Alex story. The iconography is something that results from the circumstance, rather than the other way around. Very few artists are able to communicate that. Almost as few ever try.

3) What character you have never worked .., would you like to do & why?

Kull the Conqueror. Remember him? Kind of a second-tier Robert E Howard creation that had a short run at Marvel in the Seventies. Roy Thomas wrote it and I think John and Marie Severin did the art. It was kind of a little unassuming masterpiece. He was this barbarian freebooter who became king of pre-civilized Atlantis, a walking id who became the most powerful person on the planet. An uneducated Henry VIII. A smart George W Bush. There was great grist there. They made a movie later on with Kevin Sorbo, who was actually pretty good, but overall the movie bit the big one.

4) Who are your influences?

In real life, Julie Schwartz and a guy named Max Lerner who wrote a political column and some great books on American civilization. In my mind, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Kurt Vonnegut, Homer and – a little bit – Scott Card. But don’t have a political conversation with that last guy; he’ll drive you up a wall.

5) What hero or villain would you like to change if you could and why?

Tough one. I think what I most like to do is change characters back. I like to bring them back to what originally made them successful, before people with outsize egos started screwing with them. I’d like to write the screenplay for yet another attempt to re-create the Hulk for the movies. Neither script got it right. You know what I’d really like to write? Topper. Remember him? He was a stuffy banker who was haunted by the free spirits of the wild, generally intoxicated couple who had previously lived in his house. It was a terrific television series in the Fifties and there have been several unsuccessful, ill-thought-out attempts to revive him, and there’s supposed to be a new movie next year with Steve Martin in the lead. That’s pretty good casting; I’m hopeful. I hope they’ll approach it less as a vehicle for Steve Martin – as they approached Clouseau – and more as an updated version of what worked really well back at the dawn of time. I kind of know how I think they should do it. I hope they nail it. Who else? I wish Kings on NBC had caught on. Had been given a chance to catch on. I’d love to take a crack at King David too. Now there’s an icon for you.

Check out Elliot's own website at

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New Batman & Superman 2-packs in Stores August!

Here's the latest on the Batman & Superman 2 packs.

Hey Toy Fans,

Summer rocks. Days are longer, weather's warmer, and a pair of new DCUC 2-packs arrives! Each pack holds a repaint of a classic hero paired with a villain figure in window box packaging. Check 'em out!

* Fists of Clay Figure Pack with Clayface vs. Batman. Features mud-spattered Batman for the first-time, facing off with the previously hard-to-find 2007 Clayface figure.

* Clash in the Cosmos Figure Pack with Superman vs. Braniac. Includes the first-ever DCUC Superman with Heat Vision eyes, up against an all-new figure of Classic Brainiac!

You'll find them at your local Toys 'R Us, drug and grocery stores, and online in August. Stay tuned for more details as we get them…


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July Comics Offer Sneak Preview of Film

G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra takes over theatres on August 7th, but comic fans can get an advance look in July!

Under license from Hasbro, Inc. and working closely with Paramount Pictures, IDW is proud to offer a four-issue weekly comic book adaptation of the much-anticipated motion picture that delivers an exclusive glimpse of what to expect, from costumes to plot twists.

“G.I. JOE was an essential part of my childhood. I saw COBRA agents around every schoolyard corner,” said Andy Schmidt, IDW’s G.I. JOE editor. “It is an honor to be part of an intensely fun and uniquely relevant group of characters. As a lifelong G.I. JOE fan, to be associated with the wide release of the new G.I. JOE film in particular is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Written by IDW’s own Denton Tipton, the four-issue movie adaptation chronicles every twist and turn of the film. Artist Casey Maloney successfully brings the characters from screen to panel and all the emotion and action with them.

“IDW has done a fantastic job in capturing all the pent-up excitement for G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra,” said Michael Kelly, Hasbro’s Senior Global Publishing Manager. “Every page of the upcoming series clearly reflects IDW’s commitment to bringing G.I. JOE fans the highest quality comic … and those fans will not be disappointed!”

G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA Movie Adaptation #1 is on sale the first week of July, with each subsequent installment debuting weekly thereafter. Each issue will boast two cover options, the regular covers by artist Casey Maloney and the variant “teaser poster” images from the film studio itself. No G.I. JOE fan’s collection will be complete without all four explosive issues!

G.I. JOE Movie Adaptation #1-4 release weekly in July 2009. Diamond Order Codes: Issue #1 – MAY090890; Issue #2 – MAY 090891; Issue #3 – MAY090892; Issue #4 – MAY090893


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Trapp's Rap - Terminator Salvation Review

The question I ask myself is, "What made the first and second Terminator films so good?" I mean, there was a reason why those two films did so well right? And if it wasn't that fundamental element that made it so good, the Terminator franchise would be a flop. I left the theatre after watching Terminator: Salvation asking that very question and pondered on it a few times throughout the rest of the evening.

This film as most of us know is all about the war between the machines and the humans and is also the start of everything we know about the first Terminator movie. John Conner is a profit-like character that leads everyone into the war against the machines. He also listens to recordings left by his mother, Sarah Conner, to help inform him about what he must do and the task he must find Kyle Reese and send him back in time to meet Sarah so John can be born to eventually lead the rebellion against the machines. (confusing huh? yeah, most movies that deal with time travel are.)

The film started off quite well, We go back into the past where a man by the name of Marcus Wright is sentenced to death for a crime we can only assume is murder. (briefly he states that he did something terrible to his family and feels he deserves death.) A women visits him in his cell and asks him to donate his body to a cause. There is a very awkward sentimental scene between the two, and Marcus accepts to sign to organ donor papers in exchange for a kiss from this woman. So we learn that this man is important!

We now see a desert like scene where a battle between a battalion of humans lead by John Conner are duking it out tooth and nail with some of Skynet's machines. This scene is to introduce John Conner into the story and show he and his army of men and women are very well into the war. once this battle is over, John Conner heads back to base, and Marcus Wright all of the sudden appears out of nowhere completely nude and is screaming in pain, We don't know why.

in a nut shell, Marcus Wright doesn't know he has been turned into an Infiltration model to help find certain individuals, John Conner and Kyle Reese. And like in Terminator 3, Marcus has to decide if he is man or machine. And of course, in following the typical Hollywood formula, Marcus chooses that he is a man deep down inside and goes against his programing, giving the resistance a very powerful ally.

And the movie ends on a high note, with Arnold (or a very nicely animated Arnold) making a cameo appearance and casing down John Conner in the machine building factory. The movie is over, I walk out with my crew and we all head home.

So I go back to that question, What made Terminator one and two so good? As interesting and creative as the story of the terminator, Skynet and the Conner family is, what made the first two films so great was the suspense! The Terminator was unstoppable. it didn't matter how many times you shot at it, burned it, melted it, crushed it, etc etc etc, it just kept on coming at you. And while you watch the mayhem, you wonder when it's going to stop! How much more can a machine take?? And just when everything seems done, like the terminator couldn't possibly take anymore damage, it comes right back at you, in full force. And you love every minute of the insanity!

Terminator: Salvation had numerous suspenseful scenes in it, but they didn't work for me. A few scenes were very tense at times, but over all, it was very dull and dragged to many times to be exciting. I didn't feel like I was watching a Terminator film, which made me sad. not only that, I felt the drama within the story wasn't written well. Everything was long a drug out for my taste, mostly because everything that we see on screen we already knew. No new revelations about this storyline were given, There were no plot twists that put me on the edge of my seat, and no big surprises.

The only real redeeming aspect of the film, apart from the acting quality, was the ending, and I'm not attributing that to the fact that the terminator we all know and love made an appearance, even though I did like it! It was at this point where it finally felt like I was watching a Terminator film. This was the only moment in the movie I became tense and unknowingly clenching my fists in anticipation for what might happen next, if only the whole film could have been like this.

I would have to put this film only slightly above Terminator three and give it a 2.5 out of 5 star rating. Now maybe I would need to go see it again. It's possible that the expectations I had put on the film prior is what influenced my opinion of the movie as a whole. But I honestly was not impressed and actually disappointed.

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