Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mattel Q&A For July 15th

Mattel took time out to answer some questions:

1) Are there any DCU character you don't have access to?

There are not any specific characters that are off limits, but each character is evaluated individually by Mattel, DC and Warner Brothers to decide how he, she or it fits into each line. (for example, we work with DC Direct to try and not overlap the same characters they are offering in the same year)

2) What about Vertigo (Swamp Thing, Hellblazer) or Wildstorm (Wildcats, Gen13)?

Swamp Thing rides the fence since he is also a DCU character. Other Vertigo and Wildstorm characters are not part of our contract.

3) Will there be anymore The Batman figures?

Not in 2008, but with the advent of our new collector web store we are revisiting this line and reviewing fan interest in more characters in this style.

4) Have there been any changes to the DCU release dates?

Actually yes. We recently changed production vendors in an attempt to improve the quality of our product. Because of this, Wave 3 should be out in late July. After that, the second half of Wave 2 will hit selves (with Jason as Firestorm). From there we should be back on track with Wave 4, The Wal Mart Wave 5 and Wave 6 (to be revealed at SDCC) hitting shelves before 2008 is over. Read more...

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