Monday, September 8, 2008

Latest package shots from Mattel

  • Here are package shots for the DCUC Wave 4 figures.
  • Sonic Arm Cyborg and Maskless Batman Beyond are for KB stores.
  • I am sorry, but we didn't have a picture of standard Batman Beyond at this time.
  • Captain Atom Gold and Silver will be at a 50/50 ratio, Artemis will be a chase version of Wonder Woman (about the same as maskless Deathstroke)


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Hasbro Q & A

Hasbro took some time out to answer some questions:

Can we expect to see other figures from Planet Sakaar such as Korg, Axeman Bones or the Red King to go along with the King Hulk, Skaar and Silver Savage?

We have no immediate plans for additional Planet Hulk figures.

Will the new Marvel 3 3/4 inch figures be constructed like the "no-ring" Joes (ex: torso joint, ball joint hips), or like the the SW/Indy figures (ex: peg waist, t-cut hips)?

The articulation will vary depending on the character, but in general, you can expect articulation similar to the 25th anniversary Joes.

What is the street date for the Marvel 3 3/4?

You can expect this line to hit retail on March 1st of 2009 (orpossibly a little before)!

What are the street dates of the Ares & the Nemsis lines? Will they be available at the Hasbro on-line store?

These waves are exclusive to Walmart and will not be available onHasbroToyShop. The Ares wave is targeted for Sept. / Oct. shelf date andthe Nemsis wave should hit by mid December. Read more...

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