Monday, June 30, 2008

Mattel Q&A For June 30th

Mattel took time out to answer some questions:

1) Any possibility of rereleasing hard to fing DCSH figures(Clayface, Two-Face, Catwoman, Parasite, Steel, etc. etc.)?

Absolutely. We will do our best to get all of the hard to find figures back to market in time.

2) Will Lobo be released to the aftermarket after SDCC?

Only if we do not sell out at San Diego Comic Con.

3) Is there any chance of the original brown Man-Bat to be released in the DCUC line?

As announced in Toy Fare magazine and at NYCC, yes, Brown Man-Bat will be out in 2009.

3) Do you plan on doing anymore two packs for DCUC other than the two already annouced?

Yes. These will continue into 2009 if there is enough fan interest.
4) What's the word on the recalling of Batman Movie Masters? Will they be rereleased at a later date?

There is no recall on Batman Movie Masters figures. They are currently and will continue to ship.


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