Friday, April 3, 2009

Joe Q Talks Breaking Into Comics, Captain America, Spider-Man And MORE!

What shocking Spider-Man event in New Avengers #51 has Joe Q on the hot seat? You can find out now at MySpace Comic Books ( in the latest MyCup o’ Joe! The Marvel EiC also dishes on how to break into the comic industry, how not to break in and answers your questions. Just how does Captain America throw his shield? We’ve got the answer straight from the University of Minnesota’s Physics Department, along with a look at the futures of Ms. Marvel, Incredible Hercules and more!

Head on over to and leave your questions for Joe Q and he’ll be back to answer them! So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest MyCup o’ Joe now!


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Review of Justice Society of America # 25 (DC Comics) By Eddie R

Dark times for the Marvel Family.....

If you know the saying “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, then you know where I am going with this review of Justice Society of America #25.

We pick up where we left off on the Rock of Eternity. Black Mary Marvel is holding Billy Batson against his will and trying to force him to say her name “Mary Marvel”. Upon doing this, Billy is transformed via the magic lightning into some sort of corrupted version of Captain Marvel. For some reason, I like seeing this. To me, this feels liberating, as I got tired of the goody- two- shoes Image the Marvel Family always seems to be stuck with. This feels like real change, both on paper and symbolic.

Soon, we learn Black Adam is under a strain for sharing his powers with Isis, Mary and Billy. Adam has never done this before, and the experience has begun to change him, making him feel as if he is losing himself. He soon realizes that this transformation has also taken place in his beloved Isis, who wishes to punish everyone, both wicked and innocent, and make the Earth burn so they may start anew.
Even when Adam tries to reason with Isis, who threatens to hurt him if he tries to stand in her way, and after Adam is attacked and restrained by both Mary and Billy, Adam comes face to face with the reality of sharing his power.

“This is your family now, Adam” Isis says.... Dark days indeed, I say.

Meanwhile, we rejoin the side adventure of Jay Garrick and the ghost of Billy Batons father, in the quest to put an end to Black Adam’s corrupted power. Where they end up is quite surprising, but the who and what they discover will leave readers wondering if this is yet another set up for more change?

As the Battle between the Black Marvels, Isis, and the JSA continues, Atom Smasher manages to confront Black Adam himself, making him see that Adam’s own anger has stained his powers, and the only way to stop all this madness is to call this power back. But Adam realizes if he does do this, his beloved Isis dies. Things get even more complicated when Jay Garrick and Billy’s father appear with the only possible solution to everyone’s problems. Having to choose between the lesser of two evils, as viewed through Adams eyes, he surrenders powers and all. But the end results are much unexpected, and will leave readers to wonder how much further this corruption will spread before it is finally stopped?

Even though at the end of the story we see the aftermath of those looking for what they lost, and those looking at what they have gained, one has to wonder what the reader will get from all of this?

If the final panels indicate anything, looks like more darkness and more change.


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Watch the Spider-Man TV Series from 1967 on

Spider-Man swings into animated action with the classic cartoon streaming now on!

Fanfare is in order, webheads, as the legendary and pleasantly nostalgic "Spider-Man" animated series from 1967 makes its debut! Starting today, kids of all ages can stream episodes of the show right here on, with "new" episodes going up every Thursday!

First airing on the ABC television network in 1967, the series revolves around the scientific-minded teenager Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, develops amazing strength and spider-like powers. He decides to become a crime-fighting, costumed super hero; all the while dealing with his personal problems and the insecurities resulting from being a teenager. Each episode features two parts so you get twice as many web-slinging adventures in each video!

Episode 1 features "The Power of Dr. Octopus" (Dr. Octopus kidnaps Spider-Man in order to hold the city ransom) and "Sub-Zero for Spidey" (Spider-Man battles ice creatures to save his city from freezing). We know you can't wait to hear that unmistakable theme song. So what are you waiting for? Watch the first episode at and come back every Thursday for more Spidey action!

For more Marvel video—from complete episodes to original productions, go to


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Review for The Flash: Rebirth #1 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.

Barry’s back...... or is he?

Like everyone else in the comic book world, I was thrilled when I heard Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver were going to give The Flash a touch of Rebirth, just like they did for the Green Lantern Franchise. I was even more excited to read that they were bringing back one of my childhood favorites, Barry Allen.

Unlike others in my age group (early 30’s) who think of Wally West as “their Flash”, mines always been Barry. I grew up reading The Flashes Silver-Age stories from old issues, found at various flea markets and garage sales, at very young age. So the Barry I remember is still the noble soul who sacrificed his life for all those he loved, when he first “died” back in Crisis on Infinite Earths. To me, this was a signal that things within the DCU were going to change. And after reading this first issue of The Flash: Rebirth, I have that same feeling again.

Right from the start, we are confronted with a mystery. A villain, who, if you know what to look for in the first 2 pages, and whose identity becomes obvious to readers of the Wally West series, manages to recreate the same accident which gave both Barry and Wally their powers. It is at the end of this sequence of events where we learn this villain is the one responsible for bringing Barry back.

But at what cost?

As the story progresses, we learn that the citizens of Keystone City, along with the heroes of the DC Universe, have planned various “welcome back” parties, to celebrate Barrys return.

There’s only one catch: Barry himself isn’t really in a celebrating mood.

Barry feels that he cannot stand still in one place too long, like something is after him. Either this is a case of foreshadowing on Geoff Johns part, or maybe the way Impulse is acting to his grandfathers return is justifiable, and another sign that something isn’t right with the Speedforce.

More Evidence follows as certain flashbacks reveal a hidden aspect of Barry’s past, which seems out of place and character. Then the sudden appearance, and death, of another Speedster trapped within the Speedforce, shows the readers that this isn’t going to be your typical Flash Story.

For all the new readers who want to get into The Flash series, and those who love a good detective story, this book is for you.

For all the Barry Allen, Wally West, Impulse, and even Jay Garrick fans out there, all I can say is if you know your “Flash Facts”, then you know this story is going to pick up speed very quickly.


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Brian Isaacs
Story Editor

These days, it seems like it's really easy to blame Hasbro or Mattel for the poor distribution of their products.

The problem doesn't lie entirely with the manufactures, but rather the stores themselves.

You really need to understand how the distribution works with the toys.

• The manufacturer comes up with a concept.

• They shop around for a store to buy their product. Either one on one, or at Toy Fair.

• From there an order is place for the manufacturer for the store. It's the buyer or marketing person that determines what store gets which toy line.

• The toys are manufactured and then shipped out.

• At this point, the manufacturer no longer has control of the situation.

• From there it goes to the store's distribution center, where is divided up to the individual stores.

• This is based on a decision made by the store's buyer or marketing department.

• It's up to the store to determine what it gets and how much.

• And sometimes, the new stock isn't put out, until the old stock is completely sold.

While the entire process can be frustrating, in most cases, there is very little manufacturers like Hasbro & Mattel can do. They can try to talk to the stores, but the manufacturers usually deal with things on a corporate level, not the store level.

This is where you, as a consumer, need to step in.

At your local store, as to speak to the manager, in person. Find out his side of the story. Most times they'll tell you that the put out what they receive or that they sell as soon as they put out on the racks. As long as you are civil to the manager, there's a very good chance that they'll work with you.

If you can't get any satisfaction that way, then take it up to the next level.

Contact the corporate offices of Target, Wal-Mart, & Toys R Us.

Ask for either the toy buyer, the regional buyer, or the marketing department.

This isn't an easy task by any means, so be persistent.

Keep calling until you talk to someone, and do ever settle for the customer service department. That is just a dead zone.

The numbers are below.

Target - (612) 304-6073

Wal-Mart - 479-273-4000

Toys R Us - (973) 617-3500

Hopefully if everyone calls, the stores will get the idea, & stock the figures we want, accordingly


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