Monday, July 7, 2008

Hasbro Q & A

Hasbro took some time out to answer some questions:

1) Is there an Abomination in the works to go along with the Target Exclusive Hulk?

No current plans for a movie-style 6" scale Abomination.

2) Are there any plans to release a Banner or a Blonsky in the Hulk line?

Check out the SDCC product unveils starting 7/23!

3) when will the spider-man H/V wave with carnage, iron spidey, etc. be released?

The Spider-Man Classic 6" line should make its way to shelves startingin August.

4) What about the 8" Legends Unleashed, will it continue with new figures?

There should be a new Iron Man Unleashed figure hitting shelves justabout now. At this point it looks like we're going to rest it for a whilewhen we get to 2009….

5) What's the official word on the Marvel 3 3/4th inch line?

The official word is no plans for 3-3/4" in 2008.

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