Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jimmy Palmiotti - 5 Quick Questions

Jimmy Palmiotti is an American writer of various comic books, games and film.

Starting at Marvel in 1991 where he inked mostly the Punisher, Ghost Rider, The Nam and the Marvel 2099 line, Palmiotti has accumulated extensive inking and writing credits and has often inked the work of his friend and collaborator Joe Quesada, notably on Ash (which they co-created, along with Painkiller Jane) and Daredevil (esp. the 'Guardian Devil' arc penned by Kevin Smith). He also worked for Dark Horse Comics, as the inker during the Doug Mahnke run on X. He inked Paul Gulacy on Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu, Punisher and Catwoman. He inked Steve Dillon on Punisher, as well as Dale Eaglesham's pencil's on the DC Comics miniseries Secret Six. His most recent inking credit was on DC's series Manhunter and Countdown to Final Crisis.

He agreed to answer 5 Quick Questions.

1) What would you say is your greatest achievement in comics?

probably launching titles outside the big two that are creator owned like ash, painkiller jane, the pro, back to brooklyn, the resistance and much more.

2) Who was your favorite writer or artist that you worked with & why?

artist is amanda conner and jordi bernet. favorite writer is justin gray. i really enjoy his work.

3) What character you have never worked .., would you like to do & why?

not interested in anyone elses characters really. i want to keep working on my own honestly. every single character i have ever worked on that i wanted to do i have done.

4) Who are your influences?

my parents, other people in the field , artists and writers and creators, and anyone that can have a shitty day and still smile. i like that person.

5) What hero or villain would you like to change if you could and why?

weird question...but maybe hulk...i would keep him dumb as a rock.a talking gray hulk that is smart or anything like that is just a big dude, not the monster hulk i grew up with.

also, it would be fun to make daredevil blind in one eye.


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