Thursday, May 14, 2009

I.M.O. Review: Green Lantern Corps #36 (DC Comics) By Eddie R.

Rallying the troops.

This issue of Green Lantern Corps #36 opens with both confrontations and revelations. As we learn about the twisted since of fatherly duty Sinestro seems to have for his daughter Soranik, we also learn of his plan to save Korugar, and ultimately the universe, from the influence of the Guardians. Once this is revealed, Sinestro tries to see if Soranik is truly her father’s daughter. Is she willing to become what Sinestro desires, or will she continue to rebel against her father’s legacy?

On Oa, we witness the continued riot which has engulfed the Sciencells, via the point-of- view of a recording drone. The drone notes the fighting has spread beyond the prison walls and across the Oan surface, with the GLC trying to suppress the fighting. With all measures of force being used and the amount of casualties and destruction mounting, one wonders where all this fighting will lead to?

Finally on the planet Daxam, we continue to follow the Green Lantern’s Sodam Yat and Arisia, as they devise a plan to attack Mongul. Seeing no choice but to tap into the Ion entities power, Sodam attempts to make a solo full frontal assault on Mongul. But this action is thwarted by a higher power who denies Sodam from accessing the Ion energy, requiring him to make a fateful choice, and an ultimate sacrifice.

The outcome of all these decisions will certainly have readers wanting more, with these events possibly creating new complications, as the prelude to Blackest Night continues.


Eddie R.
Review Editor

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