Monday, April 26, 2010

Ask Matty - An Open Call For Questions Due May 1st

Have a question for Mattel then look no further.

On every 1st and 15th of the month, Matty opens himself up to questions from his fans.

Next round of questions are due May 1st with answers on May 15th.

5 random questions will be selected bi-monthly and submitted to Matty, for him to answer.

Just enter your question into the comments section at the end of this post.

PLEASE NOTE: Mattel can not answer questions about unannounced figures (i.e. "will you do a figure of Psycho Pirate in 6" scale), production runs, acquiring new properties or logistics in production.

Pendragon's Post has the right to edit and remove any and all comments, as deemed necessary.


Patrick Garone said...

Since Battlecat is not really representative of the popularity of the Beast characters as a whole, are you guys going to be basing the future of this sku on the sales of Tytus and Gygor? Is it possible we may not get four beasts after all in 2011 if these two don't sell well?

Patrick Garone said...

Is there any way you can look at alternate packing/shipping options for any future Battle Paks? While $12 is a fair price for all of those accessories, an extra $8 for shipping seems excessive, especially since my 1 Battle Pak came in a huge box. I appreciate the vintage style packaging but wouldn't mind a small, simple box if it meant a more reasonable shipping price.