Monday, June 29, 2009

The Runic Review: Irredeemable #4(Boom! Comics) By John H

When all hope seems gone

What can you do when all that which is humanly possible and beyond, has been done and it still isn’t enough? When you’re faced with odds so great, it makes you question your faith in everything? How can you face those odds, again and again, knowing in the end that you cannot win? When all hope is gone and nothing remains.

In Irredeemable #4,the world’s most powerful hero known as The Plutonian, who has power levels which could be compared to that of a certain Son of Krypton, has gone rogue. His former teammates, the Paradigm, have come to realize the little information they thought they knew about The Plutonian was all a lie.

After killing a few of his former companions, The Plutonian heads to the U.N. where many countries, just out of fear and an act of self preservation, begin offering the unstable alien a seat as head of their respected governments. Not seeming to care about their pathetic grovelling, The Plutonian continues listening to them, floating above like some angry god.

Choosing a country at random, The Plutonian asks the diplomat of Singapore why he should choose them, with the diplomat responding with a few compliments towards The Plutonian’s past service. Not knowing or realizing the omnipotent godhead before him is scanning his thoughts for sincerity, the diplomat continues his fawning. Having felt the fear and lies with his telepathic abilities, The Plutonian rushes off to space to administer his kind of justice.

It’s a good story, albeit a dark one. There is a sense of hopelessness on every page, with the colors and lines seemingly adding to the scope of loss. I liked the reactions on the Plutonian’s face, the way he seems so tired of the whining and the complaining by us mere mortals. He acts as if we are in his way, and that we should move when we are told.

Let’s hope the series last long enough in order for some hope to return.


On sale July 1st

John H

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