Friday, July 17, 2009

Comic Review: Last Resort #1 (IDW Comics) Review by Oliver C.

Last Resort #1 IDW

It’s only the beginning

Zombies originated in the Afro-Caribbean long long ago, and later hit the world hard thanks to the film ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Movies, video games, storeys, and comic books have taken the mythical reanimated corpses into their own hands, and have shown the world their way of seeing these monsters. Everybody has a different theory about zombies and how they act, eat, and move, and so on. Last Resort #1 just hints as much as it can at this series being all about zombies.

The book starts off with an infected human in a raft who makes it to the shore. But the shore is the beach....and you can guess what happens from there. And in the other half of the comic it tells the story of a few different people all eventually boarding the same airplane.

This is a well drawn beautiful comic like most, and a lot of people up to proportion as well as great character development. You learn lots about the people described in the comic.

I LOVE zombies just about as much as I love comics, but when he two come together I am just filled with joy. It’s been a while since I’ve read a good zombie comic and this one isn’t all that great either, but it only tells me that the next will be better. I liked the blood and how no one was afraid of adding some swears and nudity to the comic.

I didn’t at all like some of the long speech bubbles in this book, but they have to be read for the reader to fully understand the rest of the comic, right? The comic did move a little slow, but it had to be done, lots was explained.

This comic is rated R. Boobs. Swears. Sex. And more boobs. Of course all the nudity wasn’t very necessary and neither were the swears, but in reality that would have happened. So you can blame ‘em for adding those just to make it a little more believable. Do NOT read this one to your kids.

By looking at he cover of this comic you can pretty tell what it’s about and also the title “Last Resort” helps with that too. The comic moves so with not a lot of excitement but does tell a lot. #1 Issues usually don’t have a lot happening in them, because they have to tell the story and foreshadow. You need to know what you will be expecting in the next issue. The most excitement lies in the cliff-hanger ending, that I was surprised to read.

I recommend this comic to people over the age of 18.

8 Out of 10

Review by: Oliver Copeland
Staff Reviewer

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