Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Review: Zombie Tales 2061 TPB (BOOM!) By Oliver C.

Zombie Tales 2061 TPB (Boom!)

A whole different take on zombies

So, I know a lot about zombies. Im prepared, and I read about them lots. But this comic was a little different. The zombies rule, and use the humans as slaves!? I can see it happening, and I kind of dig it. But either way, I didn’t like this comic one bit.

This single comic is a VERY short recap on the series. And it all goes so fast. I was bored! I wasn’t very interested in reading the rest, although i did. Not exciting, not fun and not long. The comic tells enough so you can figure out what’s happening and how the story goes, but nothing more.

I did like the art though, I really did. But i did notice a lack of facial expressions on the humans. Very sketchy at times, but i did really like it. The zombies interact and communicate with each other, own stores, homes...i liked the ‘different’ look towards them.
I would NOT recommend this. It’s short and boring and unsatisfying. But it is a recap on the series, so it’s not as great as another comic you may read. I didn’t like it though; I found that it lacked everything a real comic had.

5.5 Out of 10
Review By: Oliver Copeland
Staff Reviewer

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