Monday, August 10, 2009

Comic Review: Star Trek: Nero #1 (IDW Publishing) By Eddie R

Finding Nero.

For those who were brave enough to go see the new Star trek Film this past spring, such as myself, I felt there was a certain something missing from one of the major plotlines from the film. What I am referring to is what did exactly happen to Nero and his crew after their encounter with the U.S.S Kelvin? Certainly something must have taken place in the missing time between their arrival 154 years in the past, and their encounter with the crew of the Enterprise many years later? Well I can safely say that all your questions will soon be answered, starting within the pages of Star Trek: Nero #1.

Opening just minutes after being stopped by the final and selfless act of Acting- Captain George Kirk aboard the U.S.S Kelvin, we find Nero and his crew surveying the damage to their ship, the Narada. Vowing that nothing has changed, and knowing that the Romulus they knew will still be destroyed, Nero and crew sets their plan of vengeance in motion, cutting a path of destruction through space sector after space sector. Unfortunately, this action brings Nero into conflict with the one race which would gladly fight to the death in order to gain the future technology the Narada possesses. And what happens next will have Trekkers crying out for more, as you will see the fate of Nero and his crew on a certain frozen prison planet made famous for being “inescapable” in the Star Trek mythos.

Overall, this really did satisfy my “What The??” reflex I had while watching this movie, especially about the part I mentioned at the beginning of the review. Although this would have been nice to see on the big screen, I know it would have taken away from the film itself. But thankfully it gets done right here, both story and art wise, and gets the necessary attention it deserves without interference.

Just like Star Trek: Countdown, this story seems poised to fill in the blanks on a sub plot which could turn out to be just as big as the main plot behind the new Star Trek film.

I got my fingers crossed.

Writer(s): Mike Johnson & Tim Jones
Artist: David Messina

On sale August 12th


Eddie R
Review Co-Editor

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