Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comic Review: Tracker Preview (Top Cow) Review By Oliver C.

Tracker Preview (Top Cow)

Is it man, or beast?

Tracker is awesome. I read through this very fast, twice! If you watch CSI, NCIS, Horrors, or even X-Files then you should like this. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Beast from the X—Men went on a killing spree? This would be somewhat like that.

It’s defiantly not for the faint-hearted, or the children. Scenes of gory massacre and dismembered limbs, torn open corpses. Not for some people, but defiantly for people who like that sort of thing, like me.

Agent Jezebel Kendall is called to a bus accident now called the ‘Blue Line Massacre’ and finds one survivor who may have answers to who, or what killed the sixteen people on the bus. The survivor wakes up from the hospital to meet a strange doctor. The doctor gives him a routine check up, hands him a business card and leaves. Many mysteries remain unsolved and lots of questions pop into your head about what has happened.

The truth is, the murderer is a werewolf and he has learned to control himself when transformed. He calls himself Harod, and leaves clues on his victims. But the next question is: Did he leave agent Will O’ Roark alive on purpose? Or was it the vital mistake he needed to make to be tracked down?

The artwork is incredible. Very well drawn, and coloured. A normal style comic, not out of the ordinary. Lots of real lifelike characters that slowly develop right in front of your eyes. You easily start to feel connected to them quickly. Not a very bright coloured book either. Lots of black and blood-red, and dark browns.

I thought this was a great look at Tracker and I am defiantly sure to buy #1 when it comes around. This was just an all around nice looking comic, and it was perfect in many ways. It’s really great and I know that it was made with lots of passion.
I usually try my best to have a paragraph full of the things I didn’t like, but there isn’t much not to like. Other than the fact that I got confused once or twice and had to go back and reread, due to me not remembering Kendall's partner's name because they had only mentioned it once. It could have been made clearer that who I was reading about now was a bigger part of the story than I had realized.

This preview of Tracker was just awesome. It could’ve been better though. It’s a great horror-mystery for anyone who’s a fan of that sort of thing. I recommend this to anyone who thinks that they can handle it. It’s really a great comic if you get into it. It’s left me wanting more at the end, and that’s exactly what i like to see.

8.5 Out of 10

Review By: Oliver Copeland
Staff Reviewer

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