Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Comic Review: Star Trek: Mission's End (IDW Publishing)

Star Trek: Mission's End is a new trade paperback that chronicles the final mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew as captained by James T. Kirk. Mission's End, therefore, serves as a bridge between the end of the Original Series and the first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It is somewhat surprising that it has taken so long for this story to be told.

Mission's End revolves around the first contact between the Federation and a race of spider and insect people that have evolved on the surface of a long abandoned and colossal starship and the eventual admission of this planet into the Federation. The story has the feel of classic Star Trek, exploring themes of friction between species, religion, and even a touch of mid 1960's style feminism, which is anachronistic for 2009 but crucial for getting that classic Star Trek feel. It's all packaged in a fun sci-fi/adventure story in which you can practically hear the Star Trek theme and the classic actor's voices as you read the comic. The artwork is colorful and also captures the classic Original Series feel.

IDW is doing really great work with this era of Star Trek, creating comics that are lovingly faithful to the original source material. Star Trek: Mission's End presents an engaging sci-fi story, which does what Star Trek used to do so very well, that is use science fiction to tell a story that reflects on our own times. It's also a fun read that tells a pivotal chapter in Star Trek history, a must for any Star Trek fan.

Patrick Garone
Staff Reviewer

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