Monday, October 26, 2009

Hasbro Marvel Q & A for 10/6/09

Hasbro took some time out of their busy schedule to answer some question on their Marvel toys line.

1) Is there a smaller body type for figure in the MU line for characters like the Young Avengers?

The MU line will release new body sculpts this year, one of which would
address this build.

2) Are we done with Build a figures and single figure packs in the Marvel Legends line? Or will the new figures still be in 6 to 8 single figure waves?

Marvel Legends is an important part of the overall Marvel line, and we are always evaluating ways to include these types of figures in our line.

3) Are any play sets or vehicles planned for the Marvel Universe figures? Like the Fansticar or X-men Danger Room?

One of the great benefits of moving to the 3.75” scale is expanding the
Universe into different categories. The two you mention are examples of
products we are considering. Stay tuned.

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