Thursday, October 1, 2009

Matty Answers 10/1/09

Mattel took time out their busy schedule to answer some questions.

1) It seems on-line stores like Big Bad Toy Store & Enchanted Toy Chest had orders for DC Universe Classics Wave 9 canceled. Can you go into greater detail as to what happened?

We have increased production to meet growing demand for this wave. The figures are being offered open stock for online customers.

2) Will Wave 9 be sold on If so, will they be sold as seperate figures or as set?

No, Wave 9 will not, but we are hoping Wave 11 may be.

3) Will there be any more Wal-Mart wave in the future after Wave 10?

At this time there is nothing to report.

4) With figures coming out for the upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD, will be seeing a trend like this for other DC DVD movies, like the announced DC Showcase or Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths?

That has also not been decided yet but we would be excited to do so.

5) In the last Q & A We learned that Sigourney Weaver was fair game for the Ghostbusters line...What about Rick Moranis? Any chance of GB going monthly?

Yes, a Louis Tully figure is a possibility down the road. We do have rights to Mr. Moranis for the line.

6) I thought Matty collector was to feature all things "Mattel". Will we see other mattel properites in time on the site, such as Hot Wheels, Barbie, and even older Mattel owned toy lines that have a big collector base such as "Big Jim", Fisher-Price Adventure People,Tyco slot cars or "Wheeled Warriors"? will be the home of action play brands, and yes we will look at adding some vintage galleries such as “Wheeled Warriors”: and “Major Matt Mason”. For other Mattel toy lines check out our mother site:!

7) Can you tell us more about the potential "larger" figures that you have alluded to. For example, when you get around to characters like Clawful and Whiplash, are they going to use the standard bodies that we have already seen on other figures or will they use bigger parts?

The MOTUC line is based on the original line from 1982. In this line Clawful and Whiplpash were the same height as other figures.

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