Thursday, October 15, 2009

Matty Answers 10/15/09

Mattel took time out their busy schedule to answer some questions

1) Does Mattel have any type of buyback policy with the major retail outlets for unsold DC figures? If so, can you tell us what the buyback percentage is?

Sorry, this is not information we can share.

2) The upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies figures are just great. Was there are reason they weren't released the same time as the DVD? Production, shipping, customs, etc.

The figures release is timed for an aisle switch over which will happen a few weeks after the DVD release.

3) Will we be seeing 3 1/3" & 6" figures for the new DC Animated movie, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths? If so, will these be another retail store exclusive?

We won’t be doing Crisis on Earth 2, but if Public Enemies does well we may look at future DVD releases as inspiration for toy lines.

4) In terms of selling to local comic shops & other types of smaller stores, do they buy directly from you or do they buy through Diamond Distribution? Personally I know my LCS does buy through Diamond, but wondering how others, like online stores as Enchanted Toy Chest & Big Bad Toy Store, buy your product.

The short answer is both. Each retailer decides how to order their product.

5) I'm especially excited for the World's Greatest DC Superheroes series. These are the just like the Megos I grew up with. Are you using the same tooling for the bodies, or have you redesigned them? And will the costumes be removable?

They are 100% new bodies, but meant to mimic the classic vintage look in style and articulation. The costumes are removable. Our goal for the line was to make them as close to the original in feel, look and cheesyness.

6) There are a lot of International collectors that can't get some of the store exclusives, like Wave 10. Are there any plans to make the exclusives available for them? What about an international/European online shop?

Wave 10 will be available at Wal-Mart locations world wide.

7) On the bios for the MOTUC figures, it seems heavy on the 200X continuity. Are a lot of the bios coming from a 200X series bible or the comics bible?

The bios are a combination of several MOTU stories including the 2002 series, the mini comics and other vintage material. One of the goals of the line was to create a continuity that would be true to the core details while still leaving room to incorporate fan requested characters like Goddess, He-Ro and Wun-Dar into the world. Not an easy task!

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