Sunday, November 1, 2009

Book Review: Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary (DK Books)

When I was growing up there were two things I loved, Star Wars and Lego. 1999, when Lego acquired the license of Star Wars I thought it was a great pairing. Unfortunately, I thought I was too old to start buying these Lego sets, but I could admire them. But the way the set came out, I was losing track as to what was what. DK books has now put together another book in their incredible Visual Dictionary series. Lego Star Wars.

The book is broken down into four chapters:
* Movie Saga - All the Lego toys based on all 6 movies.
* The Clone Wars - Lego sets based on the current cartoon.
* Specialist Sets - More advanced Lego sets.
* Beyond The Brick - Behind the design of these sets.

Like all DK Visual Dictionaries, this is a colorful book just filled with pictures and facts. It goes into details about the characters, the sets, release date etc. This book just goes into amazing detail with every explanation. DK really does their homework in every one of these books.

The book also comes with a Lego Luke Skywalker, in his celebration clothing, shown at the end of Star Wars Episode IV. Also in the corner of the pages is two flip cartoons. The first one is Luke in his Return of the Jedi outfit, practicing his Jedi training. The second one is of Clone Troopers marching.

This is a great book for any Lego or Star Wars fan.

I would recommend going out and buying this book immediately.

Brian Isaacs
Executive Editor/Owner

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