Monday, November 30, 2009

Comic Review: Justice League: Cry for Justice #5 (DC Comics)

Cry for Justice #5 came out this week, and with our 5th issue in, Robinson has really screwed the pooch. From the beginning, this series was advertised as a proactive Justice League; one to take down super powered menaces before they got out of control. So far, all we have is just our heroes running around without a clue. This series has some of the worst writing and art.

It’s no shock to anyone by now, that James Robinson is supposed to take over writing duties for the Justice League ongoing series, but if this storyline is a precursor to his upcoming run, then I’m going to avoid it like a flaming bag of dog crap.

While Robinson’s Starman was an amazing work, this just falls completely flat. Once again, there’s a story gap between issues 4 and 5 that just makes this hard to follow in the first damn place. Robinson just doesn’t understand how to write a group dynamic. He has not done any research on how these characters have been written. Their characterization is all wrong and he is literally pulling crap out of his own ass just to make the storyline work the way he wants it to. There is a total lack of continuity and quite honestly, it doesn’t seem like he even cares. I might be so harsh because of the way he permanently maimed one of my favorite characters, but this book has been killing off heroes left and right for no damn reason. It’s only for shock value and isn’t needed in the story.

Now let’s talk about the Alex Ross wannabe, Mauro Cascioli. First off, someone needs to give him a DC Universe bible, because most of the costumes are not the current costumes of the heroes. Case in point, he has Green Arrow wearing a hat which he stopped wearing in 2006. And also, he is portraying Firestorm as Ronald Raymond, who has been dead since 2004 and replaced by Jason Rusch. It’s sloppiness like this that gets me aggravated. Also, with Cascioli’s art, its just one big splash page after another. He seems incapable of drawing action sequences which are vital to the story telling in any comic.

Personally, I also blame both Eddie Berganza and Dan Dido for allowing this crap to be published in the first place.

As I stated before, I do not like where this series is going so far and I think that I will be dropping this as well as Robinson’s run on Justice League. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some cash.

And for the love of god, don’t support this crap by buying it!!

Brian Isaacs
Executive Editor/Owner

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