Monday, November 2, 2009

Matty Answers 11/01/09

Mattel took time out their busy schedule to answer some questions

1) The aesthetic for the MOTUC line seems to be about 80% 1980's design and about 20% 200X but in cases where the 1980's figures were limited by technology or dominated by an action feature are you still going to try and stick close to the classic look? A good example would be Leech. Since there are no action features in this line, would we expect him to look more like his station or would he still have his flat sucker mouth as a nod to the original figure?

There is a good chance we would do two heads on Leech to capture his vintage action feature face and his 2002 redesign look. But he is not planned for release quite yet!

2) What are the chances of Mattel adopting a resalable kind of packaging for the MOTUC line so collectors don't need to ruin the awesome package art to get to their even more awesome figures?

Not at this time. It is something we will continue to explore.

3) Can you give us any info on the weapons packs? It was said that they would be seasonal but when do they start and when can we expect to get an idea of what kinds of things will be in them?

We are still working on this pack and are not ready to reveal details yet. When we do, we’ll make a big announcement.

4) A rumor has circulated that Mattel may be able to offer Public Enemies and poorly distributed or retail exclusive waves of the DCUC line at some point in the future through the mattycollector website. Is there any truth to that rumor?

We do plan more re-releases of older hard to find product starting with Hawkman and Robin from Superfriends later this winter.

5) Like you done for 2009: Could you say us how many MOTUC figures in 2010 are never been made before, never released as 200X and how many females could we get?

Not quite yet. We do not yet know how many bonus figures we are doing in 2010, so it is hard to give a count right now. After we see how the first few figures, including Battlecat, perform we’ll have a better idea of what 2010 will look like.

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