Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Masters of the Universe Classics 2009 Top Ten, Part III

Numbers 6 and 5...

Tri-Klops with Mandarin Spawn katana.

Number 6 Tri-Klops

Masters of the Universe Classics really hit its stride over the summer and August’s figure, Tri-Klops, is a perfect example of that. Tri-Klops is a great update of the classic figure with a few subtle nods to the 2002 version of the character. He's still evil and he still sees everything.

He comes with a good amount of accessories such as his classic sword, a Doomseeker with mount, and even a replica of the classic glow-in-the-dark MOTU ring. Probably my favorite thing about this new Tri-Klops is that there is actually sculpting under the visor where you can see his robotic eye implants. Check out the full review of this figure here.

Number 5 He-Ro

While the final MOTUC action figure of He-Ro is impressive in its own right, the fact that he was finally made after all these years is pretty damn cool. He is, of course, based on the unreleased prototype from a cancelled MOTU spinoff series and his very 1980’s fantasy deco may not be to everyone’s taste but He-Ro is a great looking figure with a look that is quite unique in the line.

Within the context of Masters of the Universe Classics, He-Ro was also remarkable for introducing a lot of new tooling, such as new a new loin cloth, wrist guards and boots. He includes both a repainted “cosmic” power sword and a large, articulated golden staff which features a hidden spellstone, which came in one of three possible colors.

Read our original review of He-Ro here.

Check back tomorrow for numbers 4 and 3.

Patrick Garone
Staff Reviewer

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