Thursday, December 31, 2009

Masters of the Universe Classics 2009 Top Ten, Part V

And now for our final awards of 2009...

Teela, with Samurai Spawn sword.

Number 2 Teela

Winner: Best Sculpt Award

The first female character in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line, Teela is quite a stunning action figure. She’s got a terrific sculpt and fantastic paint scheme and applications and her package is pretty much bursting with accessories.

Although she is one of the best figures of this series, she does loose points for a problematic neck joint, and the restricted movement in her waist. Check out our full review of Teela here.

The Secret Emerald of Rakash sold separately and completely made up by me.

Number 1 Mer-Man

One could make a good argument for almost any of these figures (at least in the Top 5) being the year’s best. Some exceed in areas where others do not, but Mer-Man is the one figure where all of the elements come together to give us an all around great action figure. His sculpt may be largely based on the Skeletor body, but he adds some nice new elements like the neck gills and the open hand and don’t forget about the beautiful work on the weapons, armor and the fantastic bonus head which loaded with incredible detail and character. Squidish Rex sports one of the better paint jobs of the line, an appropriately glossy dark green with yellow armor, gloves and boots and a nice wash over both his body and armor. While his packaged head is only so-so, the bonus head based on the original card artwork is full of character and really captures Mer-Man’s wide-eyed, fishy dimness. Although the open hand denies him the ability to hold both of his weapons at once, it also allows lots of interesting posing possibilities.

Read our original review of Mer-Man here.

And our final award goes to...Stratos!

The MASTY Awards After Party...

Patrick Garone
Staff Reviewer

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