Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toy Review: DC Universe Classics Justice In The Jungle: B'Wana Beast & Animal Man

Mattel's last DC Universe Classic 2 pack will be coming out soon and we were very lucky one in advance to get a closer look at.

The Justice In The Jungle 2 pack consists of 2 animal themed DC Universe heroes, B'Wana Beast and Animal Man. Some people might find this pairing unusual, but in Animal Man series by Grant Morrison, the first story arc had Animal Man teaming-up with B'Wana Beast. So it seemed to just make sense for these 2 heroes to be in a 2 pack together.

The details are just amazing. From B'Wana's mask to Animal Man's jacket. Mattel really pulled out all the stops on these figures. And the Four Horsemen sculpts just don't get any better.

The joints are nice & tight. No lose or stuck joints here, though the necks are not ball-joints. But the neck is minor with me.

The paint jobs are really nice and clean. Mattel even made sure that the buttons on Animal Man's jacket had paint on them.

The only issue I had was with Animal Man's goggles. For some reason they seem a little lopsided. It could just be me. It's nice that you can also see Animal Man's eyes through the goggles.

Mattel has said this will be their final 2 pack. If this remains to be true, then this was one hell of a 2 pack to go out on.

Brian Isaacs
Executive Editor/Owner

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