Friday, January 15, 2010

Ask Matty: Matty Answers 1/15/10

Matty took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

1) With Mattel unable to be able to produce certain Filmation Masters of the Universe figures, is there any sort of easy guideline so that fans can know which characters can and can't be produced in the line? Could you possibly produce a list or something?

In MOTU Classics you will see a character who had a figure (toy) in the 1981 MOTU line, 1985 POP line, 1989 NA line as well as characters who were in the 200X series TV show or toy line. We can also do figures who were in the Mattel Mini Comics.

2) Can we expect any more figures in the DC Super Friends style to be offered through the site (as Robin & Hawkman were)?

Right now we do not have any plans to pursue futher 6” Superfriends figures. You can still find great Imaginex Superfriends figures in the Fisher-Price aisle!

3) The Retro-Action Heroes Green Arrow was amazing. Even though it’s still early in this line, have you considered female figures or teenage body figures (i.e. Mego’s Teen Titans)?


4) You've said in a couple of recent Q&As that your intention was to eventually produce two Prince Adams, with one being based on the 80's toy and another closer to the 200X concept of the character. Can you tell us if the 80's Adam will merely be a bonus figure or will he be worked into the emerging MOTUC continuity. While I welcome the extra figure, I'm wondering how you would justify a second Prince Adam?

How a second Prince Adam will be offered is yet to be revealed. After all, we haven’t even offered one version yet. Unlike say with the case of Zodac/Zodak, Prince Adam is the same guy. It is just a “design” difference if you prefer him as a teen or a repaint of He-Man. So the bios will be just a continuation of one another as they aren’t intended to be separate characters.

5) Will we be seeing more DC Infinite Heroes packs like the 3-Packs or Battle for Metropolis pack?

We have more 3-packs for 2010. The 6 packs will wrap-up with the Doomsday pack at Wal-Mart.

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Brian said...

Thanks for the comments, particularly about the DC Super Friends line; as impressive as the Imaginext series from Fisher Price is, I'm afraid they're a little too young for my nephews, who are totally into the DC Super Friends comic and figures (and were really hoping for a Wonder Woman figure so they can have the complete team as shown in the series); I can assure you that such a figure would sell (as would a Joker figure, based on the version that's floating around on the 'net).

Thanks again!