Friday, January 29, 2010

Ask Matty: Matty Answers 2/1/10

Matty took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

1) With Battlecat and He-Man having the Classics treatment, would you consider doing a 2 Pack with them?

It is possible in a movie year especially if we brought MOTUC to retail. As of right now though, we are looking to to fill all available SKUs with new figures.

2) With Adora selling out in record time, will Mattel consider adding more POP characters for 2010?

The line is pretty well locked down through 2011 regardless of how well Adora or any other figures sell. Change could always happen, but we’ve got a pretty good roadmap in place for the next two years with tentative plans beyond that.

3) Would it be possible for you to sell the Wal-Mart or Target Exclusives on, or would it infringe on your agreement with them?

Possibly yes, but likely no. Since these toys have already been at market it is doubtful we could sell enough additional units to hit our minimum order to keep the price low. (The fewer we make, the more we have to charge). We know there are a handful of fans still looking for retail exclusives, but based on the sale of other DCU items on the market is just not big enough to support this.

4) With the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, can we expect to see a lot more from Mattel for the celebration? Any hints?

All DCU items in 2010 will be themed for the 75th anniversary and we have a really big surprise for the end of the year as well as at SDCC!

5) Would the Black Lantern character been something Mattel would NOT want to produce, due to the graphic nature of them

Not at all. We’d love to do Black Lanterns. It takes 12-16 months to go from concept to shelf so don’t expect anything sooner then spring 2011.

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