Monday, January 11, 2010

Comic Review: Army of Two #1 (IDW)

When a Mexican drug cartel is on the verge of forming an alliance with the Maras street gang, the US government enlists newly formed Trans World Operations operatives Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios to deal with the situation but is this Army of Two enough?

After discovering that their former private military contractors, Security and Strategy Corporation, was a dirty organization Salem and Rios create their own PMC bringing Mission Coordinator Alice Murray with them. Their first assignment is to dissolve a burgeoning alliance between a Mexican drug cartel and rising street gang but with Salem nursing an injured leg, Alice brings in an Ex-Marine named Edberg to pick up the slack. Alice assures Salem it's merely temporary and that this assignment should be an easy paycheck but as they delve deeper into a hostage crisis it proves to be anything but.

IDW's Army of Two #1 is an all around good action story that centers around characters from the videogame of the same name. Milligan takes the time to develop the characters while Soy delivers action packed panels. If you're a fan of the game and need something to go with your newly purchased Army of Two: The 40th Day or just appreciate a good shoot 'em up this is the book for you.

Writer: Peter Milligan

Artist:Dexter Soy


Rudy T.
Staff Reviwer

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