Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comic Review: Irredeemable #10 (BOOM! Studios)

With the Plutonian on the run, The Paradigm's time continues to wind down as an old enemy returns.

In the wake of Charybdis', now under the name of Survivor, one on one battle with the Plutonian; the Plutonian has retreated and wanders the skies and cities with his formerly dead sidekick. As they sail through the clouds, the Plutonian reveals a part of his past which may have been the first drop in the well from which all this destruction has sprung. At the same time, Survivor and Kaidan are on a mission to recover a body while husband wife team Gilgamos and Bette Noir have troubles of their own when in the middle of an argument concerning the truth about Bette's and Plutonian's relationship causes them to be ambushed by an old enemy.

Ireedeemable #10 by Mark Waid is another solid issue in this compelling series, the revelations that come to light in these pages are sure to help readers piece together the puzzle that is the Plutonian. Ireedeemable has quickly become a favorite of mine with its unique perspective at a former hero who's turned his back on the people he once protected but what I enjoy most in this issue is the Plutionian's story of being unable to save a life and with that story lets the reader know there is still some bit of humanity inside a man who would kill millions of people just to prove a point. If this isn't on you pull list, add it today.

Writer: Mark Waid

Artists: Peter Krause and Diego Barreto

Rudy T.
Staff Reviewer

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