Friday, January 8, 2010

Comic Review: Irredeemable Vol. 2 TPB (BOOM! Studios)

Deceptive, adulterous and paranoid aren't exactly the words you'd want associated with the people who are charged with saving the world but it's what best describes various members of the Paradigm; the Plutonian's former allies who are trying desperately to quell the anger of a god.

The Paradigm's suffered from a devistating loss at the hands of their former teammate: one member dead, another badly injured and the massacre of 4.6 million citizens of Singapore as well as rouge robotic doubles of one of their worst enemies have gone missing in their bunker and have altered the Plutonian of their whereabouts. The team scrambles to the Plutonian's Citadel for some insight into who he is and how he can be stopped but he's not the only one they uncover secrets about.

Irredeemable Volume 2 is a solidly written saga of a hero pushed too far by the very people he chose to protect. Mark Waid was clearly enjoying the opportunity to play with normal superhero conventions while continuing to give the reader glimpses into the reasons behind the Plutonian's fall from grace. Waid's humor shone brightest right from the beginning with the Plutonian addressing the world's "viewer mail" and once again he and artist Peter Krause are delivering one of the best comics out there today. If following a company wide event isn't your thing and you opt instead for well crafted, wallet friendly stories then Irredeemable Volume 2 should be added your graphic novel shelf.

Extras: Cover Gallery by Gene Ha, Dennis Calero, Dan Panosian and Jeffrey Spokes, Ads for The Unknown Volume 1 Hardcover and Mark Waid's Potter's Field Hardcover with a 14 page preview.

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Peter Krause


Rudy T.
Staff Reviewer

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