Monday, January 25, 2010

Toy News: 2.5" Elemental Qees - It's Only Natural

2.5” Elemental Qee Series from Toy2R

As a follow up to the widely successful Wood Grain Style Qee Collection, Toy2R continues to pursue perfection in developing various natural finishes.

Paying tribute to the living force of nature Toy2R presents the first series of Elemental Qees based on natural resources. These elements balance each other through opposites: water quenches fire, fire boils water, earth contains air, air erodes earth. From this first series, the Elementals, Stone and Wood, represent your Qee guardians and protectors.

Cherish these forces as they bring you luck and happiness sharing the living spirit of nature.

Dropping in February, this 25 piece assortment comes blindboxed and includes patented keychain attachment.

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