Thursday, January 7, 2010

Toy News: DST Reveals the Future of Femme Fatales!

Women have always played a central role in every aspect of pop culture - from television, theater and films to literature, comics and fairy tales. Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce a new line of ultra high quality vinyl statues featuring these celebrated heroines and quintessential vixens - the Femme Fatales!

Each Femme Fatales release will be created to showcase both the beauty and the brawn behind every successful pop culture superstar - from the stars of today's sci-fi hits to silver screen legends and comic book heroines. Beginning with Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn and continuing with the innovative Jim Balent's Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, the Femme Fatales line combines the spectacular talent of our superstar sculptors with some of the most artistic and creative minds in modern fiction to produce a striking design capturing the essence of each Femme Fatale.

Standing ten inches tall, this Sam Greenwell sculpt showcases Tarot the Broadsword Comics beauty as never before - blending the heroine's mystical prowess and occult history with a fierce edge. In developing Tarot's first three-dimensional product, collaborating with Tarot's creator Jim Balent has led to an iconic portrayal of the alluring warrior witch that also pays homage to her comic book roots.

In stores this spring, look for more exciting and seductive additions to Diamond Select Toys' irresistible new Femme Fatales line. Full details, including the identities of our truly masterful sculptors will be unveiled during next February's American International Toy Fair and from and

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