Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comic Review: Muppet Show #2 (BOOM! Studios)

Boom! Kids Muppet Show Comic Book #2 will continue to entertain fans of the Muppets, but like the other books, I can't see it doing much to draw in new readers or, unfortunately, really working well for its young target demographic.

Now, this is not to say it's a bad comic; it isn't. Well drawn and wittily scripted by Roger Langridge, it continues to make good use of a variety of classic Muppet characters and sketches. Aside from a mystifying and unfunny coda involving Fozzie (who is otherwise absent) and 'symbol speech' in the text bubbles, the issue moves well and entertains. Fans of Statler and Waldorf will particularly like this issue, as the old boys in the balcony get plenty of time...and we get to see a town that is quite literally full of Statlers and Waldorfs (Waldorves?), as the Muppets take their show on the road.

My favorite sketch from this particular issue is "Pigs in Space." Unfortunately it also illustrates my earlier point about not playing well to the target demographic. Now, the Muppets always appealed to both kids and adults; no doubt the basis of their long lasting appeal is that the humor grows with you. But in this case I can't imagine many kids actually getting the jokes in this sketch, which are aimed decidedly at adults who understand certain genre-specific science fiction tropes. This is not to say the humor isn't appropriate for children, only possibly aimed a little too far over their heads. It's a fine line any Muppet comic or show or movie has to walk, of course, because the Muppets never talk down to the kids, but in this case they probably could've talked at them a little better.

So, ultimately, is Muppet Show Comic Book #2 worthy of a place on your pull list? If you love the Muppets, certainly. If you remember loving the Muppets and would like to get reacquainted, yes. Otherwise, it's probably a pass.

Dan Ford
Staff Reviewer

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