Thursday, February 18, 2010

COMIC REVIEW: Zombies vs. Robots Aventure #1 (IDW)

Following the theme of Ashley Wood's Zombies vs. Robots, IDW brings us issue 1 of Zombies vs. Robots Aventure. Being a girl who loves her zombies and robots, I was eager to give this one a whirl. This issue is divided into three stories: "Kampf" (art by Menton Matthews III), "Masques" (art by Paul McCaffrey), and "Zuvembies vs. Robots" (art by Gabriel Hernandez). All three stories were written by Chris Ryall.

The opening story centers around a war being fought by the humans against zombies. The humans have enlisted the help of robots to do the fighting. It was a very historical feeling story that ended with a "To be continued..." that was intriguing. Menton Matthews III's art on this one just didn't do it for me. Technically speaking there was nothing wrong with his art, but I am not a fan of photorealism. It suited the theme, but it's not my taste at all.

Next up is "Masques". This story, though very simple, was my favorite. A young guy finds more than he bargained for when cleaning when he discovers Mr. Throckmorton's body and an army of robots. Paul McCaffrey's art, especially in terms of the robots, was a lot of fun. I'm interested in seeing where this story goes.

Finally, it's a trip to Haiti with "Zuvembies vs.Robots". Gabriel Hernandez's art was very shadowy and sketchy, and was my favorite. Storywise, this one is interesting. The first installment was a lot of setup, but in a way that piqued my interest. It was fun reading this one with the accents Ryall put in the dialogue.

Overall, this is an interesting read. You get three beginnings to three stories, and they all successfully explore the theme in different ways. I recommend you pick this one up if you are a fan of Ashley Wood (who returns as cover artist), zombies, or robots. And let's face it, who isn't?

Stacey Rader
Senior Reviewer

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ROKWELL said...

I would rather he do the inside art as well. I Probably wont be picking it up.