Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toy News: Exclusive Preview of Products Inspired by M. Night Shyamalan's the Last Airbender

On Tuesday, February 9th, Nickelodeon gave an exclusive look at some of the forthcoming toys, apparel and memorabilia based on the feature film.

The Last Airbender is a live action adaptation of the Avatar: Last Airbender cartoon. The main plot of the movie is based on the 1st Book (Water) in the animated series.

While movie has strong female characters, the toys will be mostly boy themed.

The first set of toys will hit all the major retailers on June 1st.

10” deluxe figures with lights and sounds.
Aang will be able to light up in his Avatar state. And have a staff that will spin around over his head.
Zuko will have an arm that simulates fire bending.

There will be a 3 ¾” highly articulate line of figures. They will roll out in multiple waves.

Along with 3 3/4 figures, there will be a toy Appa that will be able to fit the figures.

Air Masters which includes a bracelet and targets that you can use up to 10 feet. You will be able to simulate the bending moves and burst the targets open.

Fire & Air Sling Benders which are a yo-yo type of toys that'll be simulate the bending moves.

Aang's staff which will be kid friendly by being covered with foam.

Blue Spirit role playing set which comes with a mask and twin swords that can attach & seperate.

Other items include costumes for both kids & adults, including a life size version of Aang's staff. These will be manufactured by Rubie's Costume Company.

There will also be 2 Manga books. One will be an adaptation of the movie, and the other will be a prequel thru the eyes of Zuko.

Brian Isaacs
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